Thursday, June 12, 2014

Buddhist Retreat by Imbue Design

Barbie lives to love and loves to live but needs to recharge her batteries and it's lovely that her favorite Ken is a busy guy or he might notice. Where else does a Buddhist recharge than a beautiful retreat!

Buddhist Retreat by Imbue Design

“Emanating from a high-desert hillside amidst rugged volcanic rock and twisted juniper trees the Buddhist Retreat rises up and out toward a spectacular view Capitol Reef National Park.  In addition to its function as a secondary residence, this dwelling in Grover, Utah was designed to be a desert sanctuary for Tibetan Buddhist practice.  Its intent is to intertwine everyday activities with singular moments that are typically reserved for spiritual rituals, thus heightening and sanctifying the act of living.  Whether it be framing the detail of an ancient pinion pine or extending out into the spatial expanse of a wrapping panorama, the Buddhist Retreat’s purpose is to creating rich and diverse moments of living.” (Via/

Would you enjoy escaping to this Buddhist retreat?

Barbie thinks you might!

Kisses, m.

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