Friday, June 6, 2014

Arabian Library by richärd+bauer

Barbie loves the great unknown of a good trip on the road and knows that her favorite Ken loves to get out of town to clear his mind. So what better way to enjoy the world than to experience it. One set of architects brought the experience of the road trip and traveling through the canyons & desert of Arizona to life with this gorgeous structure.

Arabian Library by richärd+bauer

The building is a remembrance of the desert slot canyons of northern Arizona and monument valley, capturing the powerful and unique experience between the compressive stone walls and the ultimate release to the sky above. Ever-patient threads of water, sculpting and polishing the massive walls, cut these natural sandstone canyons over millennia. Harder stone and slow water sharply defines vertical slivers while softer stone gives way to wider crevasse.”

Do you love to roadtrip through the desert and enjoy the inspiration of this structure?

Barbie thinks you might!

Kisses, m.

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