Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tuxedo Park Mansion - Lindley Hall

Beck at the Hollywood Bowl. 2011.

Oh there's nothing like a handsome man in a tuxedo, but then again there's nothing like a fabulous home dressed to the nines either! Barbie does enjoy seeing both! However, she prefers her favorite Ken in nothing more than a comfy shirt and his favorite jeans. She's more impressed with his wonderful intellect, talents and happiness than how much money he spends, who he knows, where he goes and what he wears. Barbie finds that Ken wears himself quite well already without need to prove more like some other showy Kens that she sees in the world. Tsk tsk you showy boys!

Tuxedo Park Mansion

"Designed by the Beaux Arts-trained Vanderbilt cousinWhitney Warren—whose firm, Warren & Wetmore, penned the blueprints for Grand Central Station—this stunning American chateau is known alternately as Crow's Nest or Lindley Hall. Built from local field stone and brick, the 25,000-square-foot mansion displays the architectural influence of France, but with American materials. Crow's Nest was constructed for society banker Henry Whitmore Munroe and features an astounding 17 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 17 fireplaces and a host of old-world finishes. There are rooms paneled in intricately carved African mahogany, an elegant formal living room, and a glassed-in, oval conservatory. All of this is set on fifteen forested acres with a swimming pool and tennis courts. There is one downside. In the 1960s, ownership of the mansion passed to a Catholic college, which added a large, unsightly classroom wing to the rear of the building. The cost of demolishing that eyesore has, according to former tenant John Foreman, "intimidated subsequent owners ever since the house reverted to single family use." Still, it remains a rare and wondrous piece of Gilded Age history, today listed for $12M. · 23 Crow's Nest Road [Town Residential]" 

Would you live in the Tuxedo Park Mansion? 

Barbie would and thinks you might too!

Kisses, m. 

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