Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Shadow House

Dolls and Kens do you like to lurk in the sun too long and make shadows? This doll does too! But while this doll remembers to protect her ink with proper SPF, [a lovely couple of Kens out there would be very sad if she did not] she doesn't always remember the other parts of her body. Needless to say sometimes its best to leave the shadows for living in!

The Shadow House by Liddicoat & Goldhill

“The Shadow House is a private house in Camden, North London. It has won a 2011 RIBA Award, Best small house of the year award at the British Homes Award 2011, received a commendation at the 2011 NLA Awards and was longlisted for the Manser Medal. We carried out the entire project ourselves, from finding the site, through planning, design, construction and manufacture of the fittings, fixtures and furniture.”

Would you live in the Shadow House?

Barbie would!

Kisses, m.

Image courtesy: arch daily & tyler shields

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