Thursday, April 10, 2014

Art & Design v. 2 - New York City Ballet - Light & Architecture

Dolls & Kens, the basis of great design for the home often comes from being culturally aware with art, music & dance. There's plenty of ways to remain focused on the arts without hitting a gallery but you must leave your comfort zone. A great example of beauty, dedication & hard work is Ballet. 

Art & Design v. 2: New York City Ballet - Light & Architecture

“Inspired by architecture by Santiago CalatravaNew York City Ballet tackled an interesting challenge by presenting the world premieres of five ballets with scenic elements (three with sculptures; two with painted drops) designed by Santiago Calatrava, one of the world’s leading modern architects, in a season based on the theme of “Architecture and Dance.” The new pieces also represent five leading contemporary choreographers: Melissa Barak, Mauro Bigonzetti, Peter Martins, Benjamin Millepied, and Christopher Wheeldon.”

“Having sculpture on stage is a challenge in terms of logistics,” says New York City Ballet’s resident lighting designer, Mark Stanley, who lit all of the new pieces. “We have to make the sets work in repertory and the sculptures have to come and go at intermission in a very short amount of time.” Stanley also explains that the design process was unique: “It wasn’t like having conversations with a set designer who comes in with sketches. Calatrava designed the sets independently, in the abstract, not specifically for each ballet. We worked to unify them into each piece and respect his design. He was not involved in the tech process.”


Are you inspired to become more familiar with the ballet?

Kisses, m.

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