Monday, December 16, 2013

Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló

Barbie loves the great creature comforts of home but what happens when your home is a bit of a creature that you have to get comfortable in?

Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló

"Casa Batllo is a masterpiece of form, color and light. Gaudí intercepts with this work, the thesis of rationalism has come 30 years after its modern idea of ventilation.
The whole work is a marvel of ornamental design thanks to the emergence of trades. Gaudí worked with the best craftsmen in all trades. The transformation wrought iron, where the curve is not just rhetoric and aesthetics, but also structural reinforcement; winding woodwork and doors with striking three-dimensional reliefs leaded stained-glass windows that filter the natural light, ceramic tiles with reliefs ornamental elements sandstone Montjuic, all realize the master craftsmen of the time.
The airy and ventilated attic spaces, reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture, is notable for the structure of arches. From the main room in the attic, you can see the wonderful organic world of Gaudí. Here the structure of ribs and sternum creating parabolic arches, very modern, which supports the roof is appreciated. Helical stairs great structural nudity, communicating with the roof, are also of a great power. The iron railing simple lines are themselves a sculpture of s. XX.
On the roof, the role of the spine of the dragon important aesthetic balance in the face of the facade, is outweighed by the four groups of winding chimneys. Following the aesthetic is always functional. The wind will never obstruct the flue thanks to caps on top of the chimneys, coated with the same glaze trencadis the facade. Gaudí curved surfaces coated with chopped tiles, as did the Byzantines.
Walking home, the details do not stop to surprise everywhere. The doors of each floor are identified by letters modernist features, specially designed by Gaudi Casa Batllo. Industrial glass on stair landings neighbors, translucent, but not transparent, allowing the passage of light discreetly while depending on how you look at it, distort Blues patio lights in beautiful water waves. Ways ergonomic handles and handrails, skylights, skylights. It is the work of art, the artist intervenes all: design, color, form, space, light.
The work consists of ground floor, main courtyard, four full floors, attic and roof, private access to the noble or main floor, a staircase running through a neighbors yard lights and artistically tiled widened as if it were a veneer exterior facade. From the street leads to the garage at street level, which enter the underground portion occupying the courtyard of the main floor and from which you access the Carboneras, in the bottom." (via/casa batlló)

Would you live in Casa Batlló? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m. 

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