Sunday, November 10, 2013

Decor Horoscopes: What's your sign say about how you design?

Needless to say Dolls and Kens but how you face the world has a lot to do with how you view it! Some people think astrology plays a big part in the everyday MAGIC of our lives... But how does it play into how we style our decor?

Decor Horoscope


Meticulous and organized, Virgo cannot stand clutter and pays special attention to detail. She needs lots of storage space so that her home is always neat and tidy. Virgo has a penchant for vintage furniture, especially light-coloured wood and glass. Her decor is arranged in a way that facilitates easy conversation and you could eat off her floors! Furniture stands out and contrasts nicely against walls that are painted blue, yellowy-green, taupe or cream. Guided by an attention to detail, Virgo favours the practicality of her furnishings; she's always ready for company. Freshly ironed placemats and snacks await guests in her simple, well-organized kitchen. 

This doll is a Virgo but you Kens & Dolls should look up yours! Find out your design horoscope at


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