Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Twilight's The Hoke House

Barbie loves going to the movies! Don't you? Well her favorite thing about some films is the architecture. Seeing a beautiful house is often like seeing a beautiful man for the first time. Barbie remembers the first time she laid her eyes on Ken and she can barely remember what happened or what was said at the time but it was a magic moment that rivals movie magic. Needless to say Barbie thinks Dreamhouses should have that same irrestible quality when you first meet them...

The Hoke House (Twilight) 

If The Hoke House looks familiar like a person you used to know or an old love well it may just be something like that. You see The Hoke House is a character in a film, Twilight. A background character but an important one nonetheless. Unlike other bit players the story wouldn't be quite the same without this character. Recall the Cullen family, Edward and Bella as you take in this Dreamhouse!

So Dolls and Kens would you live in The Hoke House right out of the film Twilight?

Barbie would!


Kisses, m.

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