Monday, October 7, 2013

The Music 81

Kate Earl - Melody

no matter what has ever come to me
i got my own brand of company
i got da da da inside my head
and i play songs back to back until i go to bed
wake up by myself inside an empty room
theres no body next to mine to oooh
but my skin is warm and my heart is full
its the do do do do do do

walking waking on a crowded street
with my headphones loud
so my hips can swing, so my head can nod
to the rock and roll to the boom boom beat

and i find that im never alone
and i find that my heart is my home
and the music within makes me whole
a world that i built on my own
and i know that im never alone
and i know that my heart is my home
every missing piece of me
i can find in a melody

Do you have a song that keeps you company? What's your favorite melody? 

Kisses, m.

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