Monday, September 23, 2013

Nightingale House

Barbie knows Dreamhouses and when she says "ultimate dreamhouse" she is talking about a one of kind home that no other can replicate. Very few make Barbie list of "Ultimate" homes. So it's quite and honor. Especially when you consider that the only homes to make her flip over are a Suite and a Malibu Dreamhouse. So you best be sure that anything better than that must be fabulous!

The Nightingale House

This home located in Southern California is designed by fabulous european designer Marc Canadell. This modern styled nest rest above the Los Angeles Sunset Strip and boasts over 9,000 square feet of opulent living space. The home features includes over an acre of privacy and a movie projection system on the house in addition to five bedrooms and eight baths. 

Would you live in the Nightingale House? 

Barbie would. 


Kisses, m.

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