Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NYC's Grand Central Station: Target's “Real Life” Dollhouse

Barbie isn't always on top of things and sometimes the most delightful things can slip through unnoticed. Like? The most interesting of dreamhouses! Especially the ones you can find & inhabit in Real Life. But it's never too late to get in the know... Now here's the skinny if you missed it too!

Earlier this year, May to be exact, this fabulous living dollhouse was thrown together by Target in NYC's Grand Central Station to showcase their Threshold collection for interiors for one weekend only! Dolls don't be disappointed if you missed it. I'm sure there are other opportunities to see a real life sized doll dreamhouse. Check out these images. This doll is swooning!

Would you live in this real life sized livable doll dreamhouse?

Barbie Would!

Kisses, m.

Photos: Amy Schellenbaum Via: Curbed National

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