Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dream Roomspiration: Lingerie

Panties, Bras, and Négligée’s are no longer for the bedroom only or to be worn as simply undergarments. They serve more than one purpose and being indecent or indiscrete isn’t one of them. Barbie knows a thing or two about the pretty lacy underthings that women wear and she knows that they make for fabulous interior design ideas and you only have to open your panty drawer to find them.

Dream Roomspiration: Lingerie

Corset Chair

Lace Chandlier

Bare leg ballerina chair

Bra & Panties Stool & Chair

Bra & Panties Pillows

Would you decorate in Panties, Bras and Undergarments? 

Barbie Would!


Kisses, m. 

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