Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey Ms M! I'm a naughty man that needs to be spanked! Dream Roomspiration: Sado-masochism & Bondage

Barbie loves to have some fun in her personal time... Who doesn't? But what may constitute fun for one may not be the same for others. Fancy a spanking you naughty man? Or perhaps you're a naughty lady looking for a man discipline you? Hmm? Oh dear! Maybe it takes just the right decor to get you into the mood... Hush loves! Don't make me get out the gag! 

Dream Room: Sado-masochism & Bondage

Haas Furniture & Donatella Versace - "Bondage" chair

Rocking Beds & Chair 

 SaoiHol Yuen - Bondage Lamp

Haas Furniture & Donatella Versace - Honeycomb Chair

Allen Jones - Furniture

Not to fret ladies there's a male version of the table!

Abu Ghirab coffee table

Bondage Art - Invisible man by Allen Jones

Would you decorate your dream house in Sado-masochism & Bondage styled decor?

Barbie would! 


Kisses, m.

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