Monday, July 29, 2013

Chocolate Strawberry Bubblegum Morning

Late last night early this morning is when I met with sleep.

It's 6:53am.

I'm awake.
I'm ambivalent.

There's a chocolate protein shake spinning in the background and Strawberry Bubblegum playing on my IPhone. 

I'm enjoying the quiet minutes of the day before I greet my co-workers who I help to save the world one child at a time. 

The quiet moments are interrupted by my brain that never really stops thinking.

The deep question of the moment: Heels or Flats? Of course the deep answer is Heels. 

Heels hurt less and my indecision reminds me of Fight Club and how much I loathe that there's going to be a sequel. I just finished reading the first book. I still don't own it. 


No. I'm not lying. 

To loosely quote Brand New: “I've had time alone to hold my lying tongue.”

As Justin Timberlake plays I realize that this isn't my song of the day but I may be writing about him later... 


As I put on my makeup I realize I'm happy I didn't have a beer last night. 

Its 7:00. The song ends and before I hit repeat I take sip on my chocolate shake after I put down my blush brush. My fake blush mirrors the real thing but its not the real thing.

By 7:03 I realize that somewhere its late last night and someone is have a beer that's not real as they steal bubblegum that they won't enjoy. 

and now its early and i don't plan to arrive late to work.

Enjoy the stolen bubblegum that'll be discarded when it loses its flavor and ache because you're missing the stolen glance of the girl you aren't pursuing because you wonder if she feels the same thing when all you have to do is tell her.

But I'm not missing the past this morning and the future remains to be seen... 

It's 7:39 at the bottom of my chocolate shake the song has ended, my face is made and I'm ready to start another day.



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