Monday, July 8, 2013

A little closer...

Sometimes having eyes for someone can be a little tricky! Do you have eyes for anyone? 


Here's a little fun fiction from a few years back! Enjoy if you've never read it! It's definitely one of my darker inventions! And I love the darkness! Kisses, m.


Closer. Gently I pull his face towards mine. Both hands holding his jaw firmly. Arms tightly locked with intent. Closer. So very innocently I look up into those eyes. Both arms remain at his sides. Trusting. Closer. His breath hits my cheek in deep heavy blows. Closer. Finally my face is resting against his. The tip of my nose meets his cheek. He remains still and solemn allowing my gentle affections to progress. Carefully my lips find their way upwards. Lightly I push tiny little kisses against his skin. Lips flit over and around the eyes. Delicate little flutters. Hot breath escapes the warmth of my open mouth as I continue to address the situation. Never breaking the grip of his jaw I begin nursing my target with the tenderness of a skilled surgeon. Without indicating any warning I gently open to spread my lips further. Mouth continues massaging the socket while my tongue is allowed to caress the lid and tickle the lashes. I begin to add a slight pressure to my mouthful. Drawing back I tenderly engulf the entirety of his eye within my lips. Slowly intensifying as I apply more suction with every stroke of my tongue. Quietly his breath increases with excitement. Tighter I grip onto his jawbone making it harder to break free. The pressure of my mouth growing deeper with every second while I continue to nurture and press into the opening. Drawing back with simple pleasure I persist. Sucking. Lips surround and seal. Tongue softly pushes back the lid until there is no barrier. With no more than a gasp I dislodge the eye. Gateway to the soul nestled in my jaw. Gentle tongue movements finding their way along the cord. His body is fully aware of the situation as every quick breath crashes against my skin. Appearing to be in complete rapture his face never breaks free from my grasp. I continue to provide suction against the cavity. Pulling back with quickness I release myself. Teeth sink in severing the arterial connection with a snap. The excruciating pain brings him down to his knees. Spit. Discard the useless piece of sight with little remorse. Hands frantically grabbing the vacant bloody hole. Taste the blood on my tongue. Listen as he unleashes the most horrifying sounds of anguish. Spit. Watch his body writhe in pain before me. Wipe the blood from my mouth.

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