Friday, June 14, 2013

La Luna by Antonino Cardillo

There's nothing quite like a full moon. And Barbie happens to love dancing by the pale moonlight. It's no surprise she should find herself captivated by the light and shape of a house inspired by La Luna.

The Moon House

Antonino Cardillo designed the Moon House inspired by the shape and color of the heavenly lunar goddess that orbits Earth. It is made of concrete and shaped into a semi-spherical moon in two parts on a rectangular plot. It's imitation is meant to evoke the feeling that perhaps a celestial body has landed on Earth. And it can be inhabited. Interiors of this Melbourne-suburb home offer light and space. 

Would you live in The Moon House?

Barbie would.

Kisses, m.

Updated: June 15, 2013
Images: Courtesy of Antonino Cardillo

*A Special Thank You to Antonino Cardillo for the updated images.

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