Monday, May 27, 2013

The Memorial Opera House

Happy Memorial Day you wonderful dolls! 

Barbie loves to celebrate and remembering others is a great occasion! It should never be a surprise that Barbie is a Wonder Woman and her strength knows no bounds! But every now and then she finds the time to step back and take a break to enjoy life's finer things!  Where oh where does she find herself a regal place to satisfy her cultural cravings?

The San Francisco War Memorial Opera House

Constructed in the 1920s, this Beax Arts building boasts the honor of hosting the San Francisco Opera since 1932. It is in the classic Roman Doric style. Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco the building is part of the War Memorial and rests across from City Hall. Albert Brown Jr & G Albert Lansbury are the architects responsible for the design. The memorial commemorates those who served in World War I.

Have you been to the Opera House before? Would you attend an Opera?

Kisses, m.

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