Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revisiting The D Chronicles - (Men): Clean Up!

Zachary Quinto - Muddy photo credit: tyler shields c/o

Every now and then, there's nothing wrong with getting a little dirty. Dirty can be quite sexy. But maybe it's time to clean up your dirty act? Here's another delicious "D" man for you to taste. If you'd like more then head on over to Amazon. Enjoy! 

Kisses, m.


It’s only another seven days thought Patrick Mulland as he looked over at the mud that covered his bare skin. Shirtless and barefoot, coming to in the middle of a dark mud hole is the last place anyone wants to end up. But that’s exactly where he found himself.  This wasn’t the first time he’d found himself in this predicament. Hell it probably wouldn’t be the last. But as he lay completely wasted in the water logged dirt he realized that this couldn’t happen again. At least he didn’t want it to. Not again. He would need to start again and that meant time apart.

Patrick Mulland couldn’t remember what life was like when he wasn’t dirty. As any committed man finds it hard to remember what it was like before they met their one and only. And Patrick was no different. When Patrick first met his black label princess he knew it was a love affair that he couldn’t walk away from. He hadn’t been without her since he wasn’t twenty-five. Eight years ago he’d meant his lady love for the first time and unlike his best mate she’d never let him down. She was a long and cool when the taste on his tongue was intoxicating before it slid down his throat. And one taste was never enough. That and that reason alone he was willing to stay dirty for his old lady.



What you have to understand is that Patrick Mulland wasn’t always a dirty man. He was a man with a plan. He had a goal in life. Everything had purpose before she came along. He didn’t see it coming and no one warned him about these situations. As most will tell you… once you’re in it’s damn hard to get out. And they wouldn’t be wrong in that thought.

Patrick’s bare feet were blacker than he’d ever seen them. His head spinning as he carries his half empty princess back to the house. She’d dragged him to several dark alleys but never out into the middle of no where. Certainly not during a rainstorm. He couldn’t help but wonder why she’d begun to treat him so badly. He was a good man and always stood by her side even when his friends and family pleaded with him to give her up. Johnny had definitely drawn a line in the dirt this time and Patrick was absolute when he decided there was no going back.

Halfway back from no where it started to rain again. The cold water beats against Patricks bare shoulders and he knows this is the last place he ever wants to be again. As the cold hard rain beats against his chest the dirt washes clean. In that moment he knows this has to change. He can’t live a life like this. Patrick used to be a man of integrity and know this person he had become… well he could hardly recognize himself. Good ol Johnny girl had led him astray for the last time. With every ounce of sobering strength he had Patrick Mulland broke his good ol girl against the hard wet surface of a grey oak tree.

Johnny Walker Black hadn’t been a good mistress all these years.  In fact she’d been a poor companion with a tendency towards extremes. Sometimes she kept Patrick high as a kite and other times she had him low as the very mud he was traipsing through this cold dark wet rainy evening. Johnny was a fun time gal but the kind of fun she wanted was too much for Patrick Mulland.

Patrick came to a decision between sign marker 12 and 14. It was a absolute that couldn’t be taken back. It was a moment when he was all alone in the world and Johnny wasn’t enough company. No matter how many times she would sing it, her song wouldn’t change his mind this time. And he knew what needed to be done.

Goodbye. A word that no one ever wants to come. Bu this cool woman with her sting and taste had been enough for Patrick. This was something they had done time and time again. If he could change her or him it might be different. Somehow he knew it would never change and they would never be different.

However tonight, was that moment of variation. Patrick Mulland had had enough. He’d reached a limit that others never see. He wanted out. A goodbye to the mistress that had kept him prisoner for so very long. Instead of rejoice it was a moment that felt like ice. It was a colder moment than he could ever imagine. But it was a moment that needed to happen. Seven days followed by six nights had sobered him up in the past and tonight with the dirt washed clean from his face he knew it would need to be enough again.

Goodbye lover.
Goodbye grace.

Patrick Mulland knew this was the end. He had never quite pictured himself wrecking a car in the dark, dark night but that’s the way it happened. It was the only way he would be able to say goodbye to Johnny. Although it felt colder than he’d remembered he knew that it was something that needed to be done. Patrick had once found that life could offer him so much more than what he’d settled on. Johnny just happened to be one of those things that he’d settled on.

And Patrick Mulland knew that if there were only a thousand things he could change it would be his relationship with Johnny. Tonight happened to be a night worth changing things. He was clean. Cleaner than he’d ever been. Somehow as the rain washed the mud from him on this cold and dark night, Patrick felt with certainty this was the night. The night he said goodbye for good

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