Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Teahouse

My Barbie Dream House is a Teahouse? Japanese tradition dictates great care and custom to the art of the Tea Ceremony. In the business of busy most modern individuals find themselves pressed for escape for something simplistic yet formal.

Teahouse Tetsu

The fine Japanese tradition of serving tea transcends cultures and defies gravity in the Teahouse Tetsu designed by Terunobu Fujimori. The minimalist house appears to float high above the cherry blossoms and maintain a mystique that separates it from the day to day ordinary. It's an ideal sanctuary to escape to and celebrate the custom of a Japanese tea ceremony. Perfection can be seen in the wood detail of the floor as well as the built in tree beams. Both efficient & sustainable the Teahouse Tetsu is a marvelously unique design that wonders.

Would you use a floating tea house?

Kisses, m.

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