Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Backstreet Boys - Dead on the road c/o tylershields.com

Back from the Highway! How was everyone's weekend? Moi? I had a fabulous weekend filled with lots of interesting things to do... To my friends who came along and invited me to tag along, The Stylist in SF, The Photographer and The Muse in LA, it was a lot of fun! We will have to do it again! 

NOW,  I'm sorry if anyone's weekend was INAUTHENTIC! But you simply made mine more fabulous! Google tells me you've increased my ranking! Thanks for being so curious about Kierkegaard! And it definitely helps a lady out! kisses!

Hi again Honey! Sorry I was away but I didn't miss you! Looks like you missed me though... In the heart or in the head but you are always thinking of me. Well then? Are you ready to share the rest of your statement? I didn't think so. But from the looks of things you have been very busy and you've invited a couple of friends! Me thinks you don't have much of a life. TSK! TSK! You should get out of the house more often and away from your phones, electronic devices, etc! Those will kill you. HA!

So let me see... you are from Cincinnati, New Haven, Medina, and Joliet. but that's not right at all! Look, I'm sorry but I can't stop living just to please you. That would be Inauthentic! DEAL WITH IT! But thanks to you I do have a higher Google ranking and perhaps the attention of some people who don't like Internet Bully's! Please understand that you did start all of this. By all means feel free to be mature and leave a comment and finish it! Because Honey, you can mask your locale, IPs, and click posts to your heart's content but unless you leave a comment, I don't understand or speak your brand of JACKASS! Do you have an interpreter?

You might as well leave a comment now since you've left a trail to follow. I love roadrunner's don't you? Such beautiful creatures. It's really all in the details, Honey. Those are the little things that will catch up to you in the end. I have nothing to hide but it looks like you certainly do. It must be dreadful to have to pretend to be something you are not and be quite bad at it

*you are not invisible. OOPS! I'm so sorry to point that out and you have no idea! It's OK to have a panic attack. Brown paper bags help. Deep slow breath's. Inhale. Exhale.
Honey, once you calm down, do try to remember this: You don't have to just lay in the road, you can get up and walk away. As long as you are alive you can do anything and change anything! Thank you for all of the love. If it isn't love, please realize how much your hate is promoting me! Oh I love it either way since it benefits moi! Thanks again dolls! 

kisses, m. 

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: I'm glad you love the PINK HOUSE Brazil and London! It's an adorable choice of dream house! kisses, m.

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