Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Willy Wonka House

Oh my! Is Barbie's Dream House made of candy? Not quite but it is a delicious vision for the eyes.

The Willy Wonka House

This Tribeca, NY home isn't erected from candy or pastries that inhabitants and guests may feast upon. But it has borrowed a bit of inspiration from the idea of Wonka’s technicolor factory.

In this multilevel home every room has its own design scheme ranging from ordinary with a vivid splash of color to extraordinary that leads the imagination sprinting with art & props in addition to colorful backdrops.

Some indoor fun features include: A two-story climbing wall, a ping pong chandelier and a pair of sheep sculptures grazing on green grass carpet among other surprises.

Would you live in a Wonkalicious dream house?

Kisses, m

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