Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hold on

The World has much to offer and you should always reach for it while holding on to what's in front of you. There are things to let go of in life and things to keep reaching for. If you're lucky then you've found the one thing you'll never let go of while reaching for those dreams. Keep holding on to it... Love is grand & full of romance among other things that have nothing to do with being romantic... if you let it happen. You're only a hopeless romantic if you give up on yourself. Be a hopeful romantic! Find, be and stay in Love!

Anyhoo... Here's another bit of photo art that I was playing with a few weeks ago [it really wasn't supposed to see the light of day but some people can't seem to stay out of my photo library... *a little self control please] and a 400 which was a piece I had considered for my first e-book of short fiction Between The Sheets. You can buy my ebook here! Enjoy life, love and breathing.

PS: For those asking & emailing me about my return to posting fiction on the blog... Please think of Matisse for now. I will have an answer or rather something to share soon.

kisses, m.

golden gate vs the lovers 2013

Through the low lights of approaching evening we are two that become one. Hand in hand walking, our arms locked into each other while our feet match the same stride. The graceful descent of the sun cascades a shadow of lavender across the horizon and a slight chill to the air. The houses seem quieter and less than inviting to our passing steps. Our movements manage to dance in unison through this empty street alone without notice.

The silence that surrounds us sends him into a whimsical mood. With a slip of a hand his arm wraps over and around me with a spin stopping our forward pace. Closer he turns me again and again before taking me in. Hugging gently, his sliding arms circle and lock around my torso. His fingers interlace behind my back. Each finger reaches inward as if to take me in whole. Tighter.

Attempting to match his embrace, my hands scramble. Both arms are struggling to return his hold. Dancing with his merging frame, tighter they squeeze and begin moving closer together. Carefully my probing hands find their way around his body until one ends where another begins. Locking in a grip that rests in the small of his back while my head finds its place upon his chest. Tighter.

The night becomes cooler in our surroundings. Light purple becomes a deeper violet and we’re wrapped around each other in a hold. Our arms are gripping each other securely and pulling without restraint until there is nothing between them. The crushing force of our weight against each other completes the circle. My face rests on his chest looking up into his eyes. His eyes look down into mine and he releases a heavy breath upon my face. I rest my lips upon his neck with a gentle kiss and squeeze. His arms return the constriction and his lips touch my forehead. Our breathing sounds deeper through the force of our embrace. Strained shallow breathes escape with a heaviness that’s familiar. Tighter.

Our bodies have no beginning and no end in the last light of the day. There are no sounds around us. No streets, no houses, and no one walking through the night. There’s only this feeling of security in our circle. In this moment we’re all alone. Alone in the world but we’re connected in our own moment. There’s nothing and no one anymore.

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