Friday, January 4, 2013


    fire on ice. december 2012. 

Resolved. Being resolved reminds me of deadlines, broken fire alarms and promises that people make but don't mean. You see the moment you've decided that you want do something is the same moment it becomes most possible that you can. It's in that minute or second or instant that whatever your mind has imagined will become a reality.

You are resolved. 

So now you're wondering what does a deadline, a fire alarm and a broken promise have in common? They all happen but they aren't inevitable. You can change them before it is too late. It's in the instant that I realize this that it's too late. Ding Ding. Time's Up. 

Now you are confused and so am I. 

I've missed my Writing deadline… by five minutes. Which I shouldn't have because I have had all evening to finish my work. But in this instance my deadline happens to coincide with the din of a broken fire alarm. 

There's a broken fire alarm in the house. It could be changed or replaced all before the fire on the stove filled the house with smoke but it wasn't. And now it sounds louder than seems possible. 

This of course brings me to the broken promise… It's not important what it was only that someone promised to do it. And the part that is disappointing is that I believed they would. They always could until they decided that they can't. And now that this has all come together in a coincidental happenstance it is hard to believe that…

See all these things were possible to change before but then they weren't and it's important to realize that they still can be changed. Change is constant. It is based upon the courage to continue moving forward despite the things that happen along the way that lead from change to success.

Change. You can. There's something about a new year turning over that makes people believe they need to change that they can change. And there's the thing they are right. There's hopefulness and enthusiasm in that belief because anytime you want to change you CAN! No reason needed. Instead of thinking of all the ways you can not accomplish what comes next think of all the ways you CAN. 


Why not? Knowing that you CAN do something is the best feeling in the world. 

This idea brings back the first time I ever did something without questioning myself. It was at the age of 8 months when I first walked and after taking my first step looking back no longer became an option. We all take our first step as children... well most of us. Whether or not you fall... You keep going. Sure it's a scary notion but there's the fun. You never know when you'll take a tumble but you can't help taking a chance. 

Be afraid. Take a chance anyway. Keep a promise to someone, replace the fire alarm when it breaks especially since it doesn't hurt me to beat the deadline by more than five minutes. Resolve that you CAN do anything. All you have to do is put your mind to it. 

kisses, m. 

How will you resolve yourself? Do you think in terms of limitations or do you let your mind dream bigger? 

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