Thursday, March 15, 2012

Traffic on the way

Had an impromptu excursion to SF on tuesday... ran into a bit of traffic on the way there but overall it was a fun trip that next time my favorite kids can come along on. Other than traffic I didn't see much on the road. Here's a 300 vignette that is about an interesting sight in the road? How was your tuesday? kisses. m.


Pervert! Look at that man. He’s naked. Do you see him? Sylvia? Did you see that?

Hey Mister, who do you think you are? You better get some clothes on.

Oh no, not the old lady with the walker. Leave her alone. Oh my lord, I can’t look, I can’t! Sylvia, tell me what’s happening. Wait? What?! Grannies got a hold of him? Whoa boy you bet she does. And he likes that. Pervert! Someone stop him before… She’s lost her grip and he’s off.

Oh my, oh my there’s children walking by. They’ll be scared. I can’t look. Tell me when it’s over. Sylvia. Tell me. What’s the worst of it. You can tell me. What? They’re not scared. What?! Well then what is happening? They’re laughing. Those kids are laughing. Pointing. Whoa nelly, they’re throwing things. Now that’ s not good. What is that Sylvia? Are they… they… They’re tossing apples. Well that’s going to hurt. Can you believe that? It’s something else.

Hey Pervert! You’re drawing a crowd. If you don’t like the attention then you ought to put some clothes back on and disappear.

Someone needs to call the police. Sylvia, call the police. You know you have that phone thing your grandson gave you. Pull it out and call that 911. What do you mean you can’t? It’s for emergencies. What is this? It’s an emergency. Oh never mind, there’s the police right now. Over there. Look across the street. Those two are chasing the naked pervert man. He’s running and that can’t be comfortable. Oooh, a parking meter. You think he would have gone around. I hope he’s got insurance…

Sylvia! Look! He’s getting arrested. They’ve got him down. Well, they should have put some clothes on him instead of those cuffs. That Pervert!

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