Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jump Jive an Wail

Jump Jive An Wail - Brian Setzer

Jumping Trains.
Where you headed? Jackson and then wherever the day takes you. I like that. Jackson is ten stops down this line and three more stops down the other. You ready to start jumping trains? Yeah that’s what I call it. Ever do anything like this before? Well you’re in for a treat. The fine travel arrangements of a world class vagabond. Careful, here she comes. See that, they don’t slow down as much as you think they would. The rail cars keep rolling pretty fast through the crossings. Only have to slow to stop if the switch is turned. That’s when the conductor signals. But all those things aren’t important. The important thing to remember is the jumping. Why? Well if you don’t make it then you might find yourself being dragged alongside one of these graffiti art boxes. If you ask me that’s far worse a fate than ending up under one. Of course I know a lot about this. How? Grew up along these tracks, over by Ketone. It’s pretty small, so don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it. Me and my cousin Jimmy used to spend our summer jumping trains. Running across the tops of the cars at night as they rolled through quiet towns and spending the days sleeping in the cars and playing cards with the lifetime vagabonds. Men of the rails. Swore I do it someday and here I am. Carefree and carrying on. No. Not forever. This is now, and I’m a man of now. The future is close at hand, and remains to be seen. Home? Wouldn’t be human if I didn’t want that. It’s not far off and I say you’re as settled as you want to be anywhere. Time to go. Catch up now. Grab on. Enjoy the ride.

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