Monday, December 19, 2011

On the dancefloor

has the music ever saved your life? It's saved mine more than one or twice including last night. enjoy. kisses. m.

It's murder on the dancefloor
But you better not kill the groove
DJ, gonna burn this goddamn house right down.
Murder on the dancefloor - Sophie Ellis Bextor

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.

Slowly making my way through the crowded room, I graze shoulders and gently grab at waists to indicate my need to push forward. Bodies rescind politely as they continue to keep in time with the beat that pulsates and penetrates the ground. The dimly lit space is blanketed in a red hue that creates an atmosphere of welcomed lust. Air is heavy in these cramped quarters. Occasional glimpses of foreign eyes catch my attention as I’m crossing the dance floor. One set won’t let me go. A dark brooding shadow of a man is intently staring while I find haven in the music. Dark leather jacket. Much too warm for the crowd. Keep moving. Disappearing backwards into the mix. The pulse pounding sound surrounds and entrances my ears and I can't help but loose myself within it. Intoxicating. Uncontrollably grinding to the rhythm as I find my way across the sea of flesh.

Moving and rocking. Movements have no limits. Strangers joined in one solid purpose. Bystanders watching and sipping their cocktails, addicted in a voyeuristic trance. Desiring to become a part of the energy but lacking the instinct of the music. In the darkness of the room walls hide the indiscretions of warm bodies, and the occasional strangers seeking, watching and waiting until the proper time. Rarely do I completely loose myself in the crowd, a slave to the intoxicating sounds, but tonight is different. The Man behind the decks is on point. His beats are delectable. Pure satisfaction to my ears. Thick. Perfection. Bliss. Better than sex. My body is in sync with this sound. I can not break away. But greedily I want more.

Crossing the floor, I find my target in sight. The DJ. Tall, handsome, slender. Most powerful man in the room. Hands know exactly what to do. In the zone. He can’t miss with this sound. Still moving to the beat, I find just the right moment to approach. I know exactly what I want. He knows. The others all want the same thing. But I’m not like the others. Not here to… I just want one thing.

Gently grazing his arm, I smile. “Hey! Play me a song!” A slight scream as my voice must be louder than the sound. Keep smiling. He’s not amused, but lowers his eyes and removes a headphone.

“No REQUESTS! Not Tonight!” His voice booms back. “Look if it’s TOP 40… Don’t waste my time!” Looking away, he goes back to the boards as he waves me away. Damn groupies really ruin it for the fans. Hands down this guy is the best I’d seen in months and passing up the opportunity to hear him work on my track would be insane.

Despite his efforts to discourage me, I remain firm in my intent. Refusing to give up, I slide a note across the decks as he’s working the digital mixer. “You’re still here?” He smiles and turns back to me lowering his headset again. “Must be a pretty important song?”

“Come on? Play my song! I need this! To dance to it. To feel it. COME ON! You’re the only one who can give it to me!” I keep smiling, dancing, prancing, moving and grooving.

He laughs and lowers his eyes to meet mine. “You aren’t going to give up?” Shaking my head I keep up my best girlish smile while working to the beat. He’s completely amused, and shakes his head. “Alright, NO PROMISES, but your song is legit. So, let me see what I can do!”

“You’re the best!” I smile and raise an empty glass to toast him before I make my way back into the crowd towards the floor. Moving forward the dark eyes from earlier find me as I reach a corner in the room. Redness swallows the features of his face. Eyes without a face. Pushing towards me. No escape. Shoving. Grabbing. No running. Backing up against a wall. Tearing at my dress. Spilling a drink across my skin. Powerless… until the beat changes. Pushing. The stranger’s hands fall clumsily and he stumbles backwards. Breaking free I look for haven within the ocean of bodies. Crossing back through an expanse of shirtless and bare midriffs I’m avoiding capture. But those eyes are not giving up. Following me. Pursuing with an unseemly agenda.

This Cat and Mouse game continues in the maze of dark rooms and loud sounds. Eyes chasing without a pause with reaching arms that intermittently try to grab. Frantically I run through the crowd trying to reattach the clasp of my dress. Bodies jumping and grinding provide a hindrance as I can not get away quick enough. Silently slipping down a small staircase there’s hallway in the back of the building. I find solace. There’s no one. Isolated. Stillness with the ground pulsating beat beneath me. Heart racing and hands shaking I rest for a moment. Take a moment to examine the damage to my dress and gauge my surroundings. No doorways for backrooms. There’s a Fire Exit. The possibility of escape? No. That will only ensure my fate. Completely alone here. No where to run in this dark narrow corridor.

Cautiously returning back up the stairs and into the dark room pausing to scan for unseen eyes. Pushing and pulling as I try to claw through this swarming mass. But there is no escape within this mob. Beats are thicker. Bodies are wetter. Sound intensifying. The room is alive with pulse-pounding sex. Movements are intense as people are mentally fucking this sound. People are melting into each other as the sweat continues to pour from their bodies; coating bare skin in a glistening cover. My heartbeat races in a never-ending marathon as I try to outmaneuver the maniacal Eyes that seek to destroy me. Music so distracting. Leaving my mind helpless to resist. Mentally I’m terrified but I can’t ignore the urge to fall into the rhythm. I need to run and all I can focus on is my instinct to let the music take hold.

The faceless Eyes are in the sea before me. Edging nearer and nearer. Trapped. No escape. Eyes are watching me scramble. It’s too late. Closer and closer this stranger moves until he’s almost on me. I’m in the middle of the dance floor. My body is moving along with the collective effort of the horde. Pushing aside the dancers he clears a space drawing himself closer toward me. One by one, steps are nearer until he’s right in front of me. Eyes locking on. Arms reaching down to grab and subdue. Pushing against my small frame he wraps his hands around my throat. Back of my skull makes repeated contact with the shoulder blade of someone behind me as the beat goes on and on. Neon lights move randomly as the sea of bodies begins to blur. His grip tightens. Air is slowly stopping. I can feel the surrounding room slowing down while my life is slipping away. Slower… slower… slower… until… until… until... the beat is changing.

Mesmerizing pulsations emanate from the speakers, followed by subtle sounds. The crowd screams in anticipation. So much enthusiasm. Familiar noise releasing into the night. My song. The DJ. He played my song. The swarm rapidly switches gears. Faster. Heavier. Growing. Alive in a new intoxicating pattern. Uncontrollable. Frenzied without restraint. My subjugator is loosing his grip. The mob of bodies thrusts against him. Pushing harder and harder until a final intense shove releases his hands. Slipping. His balances teeters. His head makes contact with a unknowing elbow sending him downward toward the ground with a BANG. I move aside carefully, staying in time with the beat to avoid collision. Quietly I watch the crowd. The horde swallows his body whole. The bloody trampled remains continue to pull further into the crowd until there is nothing left to see. No time to collect myself. Music is taking over. Saving me. Seducing me. Ears are in a state of ecstasy. What a heavenly experience. Sheer bliss takes over as I edge myself further inward and get lost in the sounds once more. 

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