Sunday, June 19, 2011

Give into it.

Give into it.

“Give into it” I tell him.
He still hesitates but says nothing.
He wants to move in but gives nothing more.
There’s nothing but space between us.

“Feel  it?  You know you want to.” I continue to press.
Instead of answering he tells me “You know you want to move in,” and leans in slightly.
 “Oh but I’m already moving in. Getting close.”
“Then come closer. Ah, but don’t lose your footing.” He tells me.

The same thing again.
And again.

We sidestep, around and around.
Mimicking each other we move.
Instead of standing side by side we keep spinning face to face.
 I tell him to stay still and he tells me, “you first” before stepping back.

 I know what I want so I’m willing to go first.
It’s when he does nothing that I begin to wonder.
It’s after I start to wonder if this will ever be enough when he moves back in.
His hands taking the lead and pulling me out of my safety net again.

“Closer. You can do this.” He says. With those words the tone of his voice tells me all I need to know.
“I know I can. But can you?” I tell him. I’m closer than before when his body reacts.
He says “Closer” to me until I’m near enough to touch his face.
 I’m still with resolve while the air he breathes hits my face.
Resolved to find the calm, I stay still and hold my ground.

“Let me,” he says and takes my hand.
I let him make the move without stepping back.
With an instinct, I lose myself to the moment and touch his face.
My touch precedes his kiss that sends him back a step.
“Give into it” I tell him and pull him closer once again.

300. Give into it. Life has a rhythm that you give into. Sometimes you have to just roll with it. And you do. Why say this? Mostly I run by pure intuition and instinct when it comes to “what’s next.”  I highly recommend that others do as well. Remember that nothing you do is too small in this life. Small actions are no less significant than the large ones. And sometimes the little actions are more obvious than the brightest neon signs. And love is a bit of a dance, there is nothing like moving back and forth knowing that the other person is standing there watching and smiling at the little things. Thank goodness for them. Can't say it's the same for everyone or everything. Some people don't want to dance and some don't because they are afraid. And then there are others think that everything is about them. If you think this is about you, then you will be surprised to know that it is not. Not everything is about the anonymous reader out in internet-land. I can not stress this more. I write from and for the people in my life, my family, my friends. If you are not in my life then my writing should have little relevance in yours. Anyway, Enjoy life, love, breathing and dancing with each other... or even all alone. make it count. stay true, stay present. kisses, m.

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