Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What’ll it be?

What’ll it be?

“What’ll it be?”
“A long slow screw…”
“Screwdriver. Well that’s a thing isn’t it? Those are my spesh-ee-ali-tee!”
“It’s hardly a thing. I’m not really a fan of vodka. And the orange juice…”
“And the orange juice? You can’t go wrong with that.”
“No, I’m afraid you can’t.”
“How about a Mimosa if you’d rather entertain something without…”
“But I prefer the screw.”
“That’s what you said. Are you sure though?”
“As sure as I’ll ever be.”
“You know I don’t get pretty ladies in here often. It’s sort of an occasion. Let me tell you what we could do. I could pop open the champagne and…”
“And we could what? Toast our newfound friendship and sip it through straws. That’s a laugh. Next thing I know you’ll tell me there’s a Shirley Temple I ought to try.”
“Darling, excuse me for saying this but you do you and I’ll do me. Don’t tell me how to do my job. Your assumptions precede your arrogance.”
“Well, well. Little bartender man has a pair does he?”
“Ma’am, I don’t mean any dis…”
“Disrespect? It’s too late for that already. You called me Ma’am. My mother is a Ma’am. Call me Madeline.”
“Madeline is it then? I’m Frank and the one thing you need to understand is that I call it straight here. My bar. My rules.”
“Frank darling, I’m not one who is big on rules. You can call it crooked and sideways for all I care. But get it straight...”
“What’s that exactly?”
“I’m asking you for one thing… Give me a long… slow… comfortable… screw… and don’t fuck it up.”  
“Alright Madeline. Here’s the deal. I’ll try not to fuck up your drink if you can do something for me.”
“Alright Frank. What’ll it be?”
“Try to enjoy yourself.”

300. What’ll it be? You could rush things. Cause you could, but where would the fun be in that? Ah people rush right through everything including the moments. Never slowing down long enough to enjoy them. Hell, even waiting for something can drive you up one wall and down the other if you’re trying to rush that moment that has yet to come. All things come in due time. Sometimes… Scratch that. The journey is the best part of life. Experiencing everything that leads up to the final outcome, whether it’s accomplishment or not, is part of it. And promises are promises. Besides, I like to enjoy things. How about you? Anyway… Enjoy life, love and breathing. Kisses. m.

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