Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maybe I just can't believe it?

1 Thing - Amerie

Believe it or not. The only person you have to convince in this life is yourself. Anyone else... they're gonna think what they want. Chin up. Pull back that head. Toss your hair.... ladies. Fellas. Sigh. You can but it wouldn't help what people want to believe. Needless to say confidence is a killer in the marketing of yourself. Bring a whole lotta fierce (attitude), believe in yourself (confidence) and... that's when the magic happens. 

Anywho... this is an oldie but goodie that reminds me that not only have I missed my calling as a girl that dances in her stockings... but that I've always wanted a back-up band. And this should remind someone else of fierce hair. Miss you Robbie darling! It's been a while. KISSES. Anyhow... Can't you just see those M's in front of the band? Don't tempt a girl, I may do it. Alright tempt away... 

kisses. m.

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