Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pish Posh.

Pish Posh.

Pish Posh. It’s just a little water. Darling come now, there’s absolutely nothing like the rain. And look at that gorgeous water come down. Why yes, it’s a new umbrella.

Shush-Shush. Oh course I can see that you’re soaked. Getting wet is a part of the rain. Honestly it’s not so bad. There are worse things you could have had land on you. Don’t look up in the park. Besides, it's all about AT-TI-TUDE! And that is simply a matter of perspective. The weather can be simply dreadful if you let it get to you.

Try to act like an adult. Wet is so five minutes ago. And the bigger picture here is that you are late. The meeting upstairs started thirteen minutes ago. Well yes you are a wreck. We can fix this. Hold that thought. I’m thinking something.

Hmmm? Let me think. It’s almost there. Wait. I’ve got it!

SUGAR! You are just giving off this Eliza Doolittle vibe with a bit of Liza Minelli fierce under all those wet clothes. Uh-huh! That is it! It’s a little bit of “you have to understand the way I am but if you’d care to buy a flower” chic.

Quiet. You’re fabulous. This is fabulous. And I know fabulous. Besides, I’m never wrong. Care to try me?

Now what can we do? How about…? Flip your hair and give me a… Whoa! Honey, flip it the other way.

I’m trying to maintain an ensemble here.

Excuse me? Shh. Take a look.


Can’t you see... Honey, wet won’t go with these heels?

We both can’t go in the meeting looking like a wet animal.

Don’t... Alright honey, flip your hair, wipe your face and let’s go. You’ll be fine. It’s only a bit of water.

Pish Posh.

300. Pish. Posh. A little rain outside my window. Indoors more than outdoors as of late and there’s been no playing in the rain. Something about the rain reminds me of how vulnerable things are. Or can be. Nature simply is. It does not needlessly protect itself. Well... you may want to watchout for that giant sequoia with a hard-on for smashing people in their cars. Anyhow… pish. posh. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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