Friday, March 11, 2011



“Good. Is that what the sign says? Come now, young man be a love and tell me.”

“Ma’am, that’s exactly what it says. Good. Well what do you think about that?”

“Good is what I tell George when he says that he understands. He’ll be sitting there on the porch swing listening to me talk about nothing. Sure enough whenever I finish a bit of gossip that man, bless his heart, he tells me I see. Most of the time my yarn is a matter of complete nonsense that he simply does not want to hear, but he’ll listen and nod my way. So clearly I can see the tilt of his head and a smirk upon his mouth in my mind right now. And funny but that’s the first thing I think of. And you, what do you find yourself thinking?”

“Something about the sign reminds me of when I was a small boy. My mother used to have me wash the laundry and hang it on the line. Whenever I was standing up on the patio chair, she would say “good” while I hung. For some reason that’s what my mind conjures from memory. And it wasn’t always good. In fact those days weren’t perfect when I remember them. Often my tiny hands would fumble. Fingers would find themselves dropping the close pins over and over. Sometimes I would even drop a sheet or two into the mud. Soiled and my mother continued to smile and nod. No matter if I soiled the sheets, she would always tell me the same thing, 'Good.'”

“Well, you know what they say?
“No. What is that?”
“There’s nothing better than a good sign.”
“And that’s a good one?”
“You know what I can’t think of any sign better than that.”

Good. Great.  Wonderful. Some things are quite remarkable. Especially when there is more than one way of seeing them and being able to share it. Don’t you think? And most importantly life takes you by surprise. Best to enjoy it. When you are involved in these moments that continue without end it is best to enjoy them. For despite all the good moments, there will be bad moments that happen in the world. Often it comes without our control. There is only our spirit to endure these moments and support those involved anyway that we can. Anyhow, have a great evening. Enjoy whatever you’re seeing. Kisses. m.

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