Monday, February 28, 2011

The Music 63.

Jamie Cullum - Don't Stop the Music.

"Just let the music play..." 

The Music saves me every time. How about you? 

It's. been. a. Rough. Morning. Turn the music up and Hit Repeat while I bang my head on the wall a few times. Ok? Just kidding. 

I may have crashed my hard drive this morning?? What!? Let me tell you... There I am writing, feverishly. You like that? Me too. I envision me all ablaze with thought. Anyway, back to it... There I am I'm writing feverishly when this little ol' thing just made the saddest little click-click-CLICK and stopped. The tiny little light blinked out and it's sleeping. I can only hope. That's all a girl can do sometimes... Hope.

Why? Because this means I lose all of it. 
How? Related news I lost my secondary backup about a month ago. 
WAIT! I know. Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. 

Yes. I've been here before and some of you have been here with me. Can I just say that I really thought it would be more frightening if it happened a second time. It's not. It's a mild irritation that has already passed... 

Anyhow, aside from that mess I've made in the bedroom, I've got a couple stories coming. Been trying to space them out. And I'm working on a couple top secret writing projects too. 

Despite that interesting bit about my morning, how's your day going so far? Well, hopefully it turns out to be great! For now... enjoy a little music. Your choice(s). 

kisses. m.

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