Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don’t even think about it...

Paranoid - Kanye West

"You worry bout the wrong things, the wrong things" 

Worry. More often... more often than should. Do you worry? I think we all do... occasionally. It's only a little bit of fear stashed away in a different form. In the middle of that fear its hard not to let those thoughts get the better of you. Yet we must try. Otherwise it can overtake you and you're about to...? What's the worst you've done? Reaction out of fear is... well it simply will do no good for anyone. You can only put your best smile forward, if someone chooses not to return the sentiment, you know what  it isn't about you. Gotta try not to worry about the wrong things. Anyhow, I do love to get in the car and go without a second thought now and again. With or without the wheels spinning. How about you? Enjoy the music. kisses. m.

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