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Isabella and Mason lean in further to complete their kiss and the rest of the world seems to drift away. Another world surrounds their union. And the world has never seen or experienced a kiss like this. A one of kind joining that the stars didn’t have in mind. If not for a rogue arrow from Cupid’s bow they might never have found each other passing in the street on this fateful evening.

Cupid knew it was wrong when he did it. There were rules about such things. There is an order in the world. Yet the words of his mentor echoed in his mind. And he couldn’t help hearing them clearly in his mind on this Valentines Day.  

On this day where love should be all around, Cupid saw pair after pair of lonely hearts, alone in the world. All around these singles were not fated to find love. Not one entry on his list this year for most of them. His list that encompassed a dozen pairs that would find each other by the end of the day. Couples paired off enjoying love while these lonely souls finding themselves alone another day. Since this day was a celebration for all to rejoice in love something should be done about the singles. They needed each other and had no destiny for it. Destined or not. How wrong could steering them toward love be?

Cupid pondered this thought name after name. Until he finally upon the completion of the list his mind was made up. He decided with certainty that there wouldn’t be any need for lonely hearts on his watch and set forth to take care of business.

Without much effort Cupid spots a pair of lonely hearts. They couldn’t be more obvious had they been wearing caps adored with neon signs to point them out. It is without a doubt highly risky matching without destiny but he can not imagine letting such an opportunity pass. Standing amid the crowded sidewalk he stops to take his aim.

With the flick of wrist he let his first arrow fly. The first found itself hitting a very lonely man reading a book at an outdoor cafe. His eyes couldn’t focus as the arrow found its mark on his hand. Shaking with the slight tinge of discomfort, the man looks away from his book to find himself looking at the waitress standing over his table. Quickly before the moment passes another arrow lands on the back of her neck pushing her head downward. The waitress stands in a daze caught in the bookish man’s gaze. Her red cotton smock that is covered in coffee stains is irrelevant when the man looks into her face. Cupid holds his breathe while watching the interaction with excitement and wonder. And just as he suspected it works. Instead of a coffee the man orders a date with her.

As Cupid continues the sidewalk is filled with hoards of singles. While wandering through them he listens to the cries of their overwhelming loneliness. One by one, each voice that passes he points and shoots at. Arrow after arrow finding their mark. Shot in the heart.

In the late afternoon sun the day has brought a plethora of favorable romances that will unfold. Each victim of love turns directly towards the most favorable match. Some men walk right up to the women right in front of them while others have to walk around the block. A handful have continued on past for several blocks before meeting the likely choice. While there are others that continue onward without the slightest bit of change, Cupid watches the processions of people that quietly drop their agendas for the day and let the unknown happen without question.

Cupid love stricken with the atmosphere catches himself imaging the headlines in the next day’s paper. “Love bug infects hundreds on Valentines Day” and they wouldn’t be wrong. Even if the love infection lasts for only hours or a mere day at least the lonely hearts would have a whirlwind to remember. He knew the effects of his arrows would only last for a short time. Every person varied and only those lucky few would find that their love endures beyond those effects.

Intoxicated by the joy in the streets he never hears the words that come from behind him. The same words his mentor once said to him…

“You can not make someone fall in love... like that.” A petite woman yells at a man in the street. “Not like that.”

“But… Isabella its Valentine’s Day. I only wanted to make you…” the man yells back.

“You’re a liar and a cheater. Go home to your wife. Leave me alone.” The woman rushes past Cupid nearly knocking him over with a fury and dropping her bag along the way.

As Cupid watches her run away he realizes that this hadn’t been a love connection he’d made. It had been created without his help. A man without morals preying on a woman looking for love in a world that wasn’t fated. Across the street Isabella stands sobbing amid the sea of love. The pain of betrayal is unnecessary. There will soon be another man with the help of his arrow. With the same flick of his wrist, out comes his love-tipped poison arrow ready for its mark into Isabella’s heart. Slowly the words of his mentor sneak back into his head as he stands ready to make his shot.

“You can not make someone fall in love if their heart is unwilling. The arrow in their heart will only guide them to a connection.”

“Master, will it last?”

“It will not last if it is not true. They must come to find that there is give and take beyond the fleeting affection.”

“What of the list? Can it be wrong if the love isn’t always true?”

“The list is merely a guiding tool. A true soldier of love can seek out and find true connections.”

“I thought there were rules against such interference.”

“As Cupid it will be your duty to make certain love prevails.  Sometimes rules are meant to be broken as love is a risky business.”

Cupid holds his mark with great care as he recalls his mentor’s advice. He sees another man approaching Isabella and knows his time is short to decide. The man already hit by one of his unlisted arrows is holding her bag with an extended hand. Introducing himself with a smile he tells her his name is, “Mason” before trying to talk a little more. Without much thought given to the moment, Cupid waits for a sign. He knows if there is to be a match the opportunity will show itself.

Carefully his arrow stays upon its mark as Isabella smiles back at Mason. There are no words between them and it seems the moment is about to pass. Mason nods and turns to walk away. Isabella looks down at her bag and as if by a small chance of fate her head lifts then turns back at Mason. Its then Cupid sees it. The small spark of risk in her eye that is unmistakable. She’s willing. He shoots. Into her heart lands the quick sting of infatuation that sends her walking after Mason until she’s in his arms.

As Cupid watches this moment unfold the pair embraces in their world within a world he knows that love is a risk. The pair ends their unique kiss and begins off into the early night. The dusk brings the reminder that Cupids mission is coming to an end. He lets a few more arrows fly in the hope that they will find hearts that are willing to gamble. The guidance of his arrow can only tempt those willing to take a risk. For in life, if you don’t take the risk for love what else is there to risk?

Last one for the lovers. For now.  Told you… had a few things up the sleeve. Cupid with his arrow. A little matchmaker can only help if you’re willing to take a chance. There are thrills in this world that are completely worth it. Beautiful. Couldn’t be more amazing. Love to see the connections. Anyway, I hope it’s been a happy valentines day for all. Enjoy love. Kisses. m. 

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