Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares 31

If I could write out my own dream
For the next time that I sleep
You'd be the first one that I see
And I the last one that you keep

And the dream would go on and on
While we sway against all things thrown our way
And the morning would be so cruel
When it came with sunshine and warmth to blame
For announcing the end of my sweet dream
For announcing the end of my sweet dream

Sweet Dream - Greg Laswell

Brilliant dreams become amazing realities don't you think? We all have brilliant ideas of how we want the world to be. Are they possible? Depends on who you talk to about such things. 

This is a lovely song. It once woke me from a beautiful dream. The most magnificent of dreams. But that was so very long ago. Even to this day I know what happened in the dream. How long it was, how it looked, felt, smelt, etc. In the end it was nothing more than a dream. Ever have a dream like that? 

Vivid as they may be in order not be snatched away from our dreams we have to find a way to make them come true. As a dream is never as good as the reality. You see, it's pretty hard to pretend when you want something to be real. You will find it takes a little work to find out how to make the jump. Ah, once you find it... it's always worth the risk. So if you have a REAL dream within your grasp... 

Anyway, I'd always wanted to include this track since the beginning. Actually should have come before Oren Lavie. That was Sleep #3 if you've missed it. And that song like this one always makes me smile. Enjoy the song. Check out the music. kisses. m.

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