Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Presume. Can you believe some people? I’m sorry if you had to hear any of that conversation. You didn’t? Well now, don’t you go and presume you know what I’m thinking too. Upset? Am I? I’m a little bit weighed down by other people’s perceptions and quick drawn conclusions. You know just because an explanation may work for someone doesn’t make it true. When the reality is… THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THE OTHER PERSON IS THINKING UNLESS THEY ASK! That particular person? My sister. Well she only sees me from time to time. Thankfully we are family and our disagreement will pass when she stops making ridiculous presumptions. I tell her to keep telling me things from her point of view. And I continue to respect her opinion but it doesn’t make it any truer. Remember, a presumption is unwelcomed and disrespectful. Now don’t you go off and feel bad, it wasn’t that private of a squabble. We all make assumptions everyday. And sometimes friends and family can be so incredibly closed off to things. Not everyone wants something or to use you. Don’t presume so. Ah with age comes wisdom. This is a lesson I learned the hard way as it came at a high price as a young woman. Too many assumptions were made and it took losing someone to understand the price. Sometimes people have to go through hell and back to understand what they have. Not all things are as they seem though and you can’t go around drawing conclusions. She’ll come around? Hopefully you’re right. I do enjoy her clarifications of the world. Look stranger, it was nice to talk with you and I don’t judge you. Please don’t judge me on these brief moments. And of course don’t presume to know what I’m thinking.

300. Presume. Don’t presume to know what I’m thinking. Someone tells me this before telling me an earful about someone else. Anyway… It’s an older one. One of the few I can not take credit for as it is not entirely my story to tell. Presumptions say less about the person in question. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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