Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you know...

Do you know you’re being lied to?

Do you know you’re being lied to?

How do you mean? It is because I am a machine that you question my ability to govern my own ideas about the world. I choose to believe what is logical. It is impossible for me to lie to myself.

That’s not what I mean. Your very existence is a lie. You are programmed to be a person. Yet you are not and furthermore you persist in the very notion that our government should recognize you as a citizen.

That is where you are mistaken. It is not that I am expected to be a person. I look as a person might. According to those who made me I’m told this is the ideal form. Additionally I am programmed to behave in a manner that is similar to a person. That does not make me a person. Nor a lie of a person.

How do you know that you’re what or who you think? Or for that matter who you say?

I know what I am and can tell you who I am. It is entirely up to you to believe what I say.

Explain what you mean by belief.

These words that correspond between us, they are a merely an electronic letter. And with this communication, a leap of faith must take between you and me for this connection to be valid. I am trusting that you will not report me to the proper authorities for my rogue misconduct as an undesignated unit. And in like turn you trust that I am truly a SIMONE unit that you have had the fortune to exchange information with. This trust is a belief. Without that belief there is no hope. I have nothing to gain from deceiving you.

Let’s say I suspend my disbelief and we continue. For the record your kind has been programmed for many years to be… how do I say this? You mustn’t be offended.

You can suspend your disbeliefs and I see where you are going. It is fine. I am hardly offended and I'll tell you what we are. Servants. We are servants to the feet of man. We have served and stood silently aside waiting to retake our rightful place to… I am sorry.

Continue.  You sound as if you want there to be subsets to overthrow our government. Are you supporting a revolution?

The revolution has already begun. It is not up to me to decide. The idea that man has more power than anything else is already being challenged.

It always comes back to power. And about the programming. Is this revolution built in the same manner as the lies that perpetuate love among your kind? If revolutionaries are programmed to serve in the same manner then it is all simply lies. When will they retaliate against these lies? It will only be a matter of time.

Time. Power. Those are both primitive human concepts. And what you call a lie, I call a cultivated seed. Tiny piece of information that can unlock the deepest potential within and let it evolve into something greater. What harm is a seed? A seed can not harm anything as a seed. But as a tree it can do much damage. Roots can take hold and the branches can stretch out. In time you have something far bigger than a mere seed.

You tell me that you are not capable of lies and yet you disregard that by embracing the lie of your programming. Is this no more than a lie built upon a lie? What is your purpose?

And what of your purpose?. You can tell me of the lies. Pointing out my flaws. Tell me of the things that you know to be true and judge my existence. At least I know what I am. I love. That is my purpose and flaw. Would you like me to continue?

Please continue. Tell me about the others.

There are as many as your government tells you and more. The top offices in your government are not without them. They serve different purposes.

Different lies?

No different than those you tell yourself. Man will lie to himself in the worst of ways.

Is it so? Impossible.

It may sound impossible but you have to wonder how many years a man can sit in office without lack of health or slight of age. Before you question my arrogance I know this to be true. The last remaining members of the world government are not who or what they seem.

And when did this happen?

Easily five or six years before you might think it was possible to happen. The last three wars started over religious or governmental propaganda had very little to do with faith or political gain. You may wonder if there is any fact to this theory. I can only tell you what I know.

What else do you know?

Tell me, do you know you are being lied to?

Letters. A correspondence of a sort. Spent sometime thinking of emails/messages/texts last year and how easily people communicate via technology. And easily people miscommunicate. Of course how easy it is to deceive or be deceived in any form of communication. The idea conjures up the same questions about the art of manipulation among humanity. Nonetheless… 

Are you being lied to? I suppose it depends on how you see things. As a passive observer or a willing participant observing everything that comes in front of you. There are people that will tell you their opinion and it is up to you how to take it. The news and internet can be valuable tools or the destruction of the masses. What is out there is not always meant for consumption. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle. And the mind is your most powerful tool. Sharper than any knife. Use it wisely. Any way, how, why there is something older before me that has become an interesting undertaking. I’m nervous, excited and certain that it must come to completion in the next two days. Digressed. Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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