Saturday, January 22, 2011



Coy. See that girl. It’s a little game. Playing those games that people play. Dancing with her eyes til there’s nothing left of them. Look at all those fellas lining up for the game. It’s a famous one I’ll tell you that. That girl may be pretending to be demure but one thing I know for certain there’s nothing reserved about her. She’s a tiger waiting to pounce. Don’t believe me. Listen. Look. Learn. Bachelor number one… thirteen has reached his turn. And the rest of bachelors spread apart like the red sea. There’s she doing it. Smiling. Turning away. He’s talking. Smiling. Turning. Talking. Broken smile. Turning her attention to the bar. Ignoring him. There it is she’s already bored, but not done with him. With a pair of doe eyes just for him and a slight rub of the hand he’s buying her next drink. Keep looking. Listen. She’s asking him for nothing and he’s giving her everything. Watch her hand move to his leg. She’s got him. Hooked. Almost, but not quite ready. Wait. She’s hungry now. There! See her hand around his waist. In the pocket. In the jacket. Around his belt. Zipper pull. Whoa. He’s thinking one thing and she’s thinking another. That’s not what she wants. But he’ll follow her to the ends of the earth to get what he’s thinks is coming. What’s his angle? Of course he has one. Don’t feel bad. I thought you’d never ask. He’s pretending he wants more than an in and out situation. He doesn’t. Fool that he is thinking that he’s found this special girl. This one that everyone wants. And he wants everyone to know that it’s him she chooses. Use her and lose her. Why? Because it’s just another evasive game that people play.

300. Coy. OY! The games that people play. A bit of directness never hurt. Leave the bluffing for the cards. And honestly misrepresenting yourself will do nobody any good in the long run. Only bite you in the ass when the cold hard truth comes out. So stop playing the coy games and just be. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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