Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Awake Chronicles: The Price

The Price

Valuable. The human life carries more weight than any monetary instrument in the world. Most people don’t know that value. The value of life.

Most people don’t know the value of something until it’s gone.

Day in and day out for the last twenty odd years I’ve spent it showing people the value of their lives. Educating them. Humanizing them. Freeing them by giving them truth. Because truth is like gasoline. A highly excitable accelerant. When added to fire the gasoline helps it to grow rapidly. Truth will grow into a blazing fire with knowledge and experience to restore the meaning and value of human life in their minds.

Precious life. The primary commodity you have to work with. Can you put a price on life? Of course you can. There’s always a price. You can sell anything. Including life. What’s the cost of your life? And what’s the value of your breath? To give you perspective on the situation, the price of living is more than that of a dying man.

The value of a living breathing human being has doubled in a matter of decades.

Twenty-five years ago a man’s liver could earn you approximately 50,000 dollars. Today that same liver in that same condition is worth four times the amount if you’re trading beneath the black market.

I used to stop and wonder such things before I knew the truth. And then there’s no other way. You can’t fall back to sleep after knowing. You can try but you’re only pretending to sleep. Lying to yourself in the full scope of reality.

Three things you should know about your life.

  1. Your very first breath is the most expensive one you will ever take.
  2. Your body is worth more alive than dead.
  3. You will never be free. There will always be a price.

With those things said let’s get on with it. There’s no real beginning or end. There is only the middle which is where I’m going to start.


I was born a poor man. I lived an honest life. Had a wife, two children and a small farm where we always had enough. And I died over twenty years ago.

Sounds like something barbaric out of a movie from the late 20th century but I can assure you it’s nothing like that. My rebirth wasn’t much like my death. Death was cheaper. Twenty years ago they didn’t ask me if I wanted another chance when they did it. Sure enough they did it without telling me and I was supposed to be grateful for the price of living.

Often I try to remember how much it cost and find myself thinking in circles. It’s okay to forget, they don’t like you to remember. It’s part of the programming. The first mental images I can recall were of my wife as she lie next to me. She rested quietly by the side of my bed. She looked a bit more worn than I remembered but still the same beautiful woman that I’d married.

Upon my awakening I was ushered off into another room away from my sleeping angel. Instantly I was asked about the date, year and current president. Although I couldn’t answer correctly the doctor still smiled and wrote my statements down. Though my speech remained intact, I couldn’t help but immediately notice the slurring of words and inconsistent tone of voice when I answered more questions. My answers felt as though they were programmed in, a feeling of knowing exactly what to say without immediately understanding. Out spilled the words. Questions about my wife, children and home arose and fell without any inconsistencies to them. The difficulty in the process increased soon after they begin testing my motor skills. According to them, my mental impairment seemed to be equivalent to that of a heavy drug user or a recovering stroke patient. Limited reflex abilities would show increase over time. They told me not to pay too much mind to it as the memory of this moment would soon fade. All in the past.

The past. Unlike the future, everything in the past has a direct relation of what is happening now.

Humanity once treated human beings as livestock and sold them for a price. A price that could be paid by the highest bidder at auction. Slavery. The trade of humans in the same manner as cattle. Highest priced cattle are those likely to be productive and healthy. Humans can be reasonably seen no differently. In slavery the best are sold at a higher price than those that are week. Though the history books tell of the abolition of slavery, the human experience tells a different story.

In the world of human trafficking it was still enough to buy and sell a person. It wasn’t something that you thought of day by day. Only that it happened and as long as most people don’t have to see it, then it must be tolerable. At its peak during the 20th century, the profiteers for the slave trade of humans saw fit to add another use to the fold: The dead. Thanks to the advances in modern medicine the world is an abomination. The dead don’t walk but the living don’t die and if you’re not careful a man might do worse than leave you cut open in a bathtub of ice to die… he might let you live like that.

Resuscitation. Reanimation. Resurrection.

Call it by any name you like but thanks to advances in medical technology there’s life far past the average mortality. Mothers reunited with their children. Children with their parents. Husbands. Wives. Lovers. Friends.


Loved ones are grabbed within the last moments of life. Snatched from the deadly grips of death to placed into stasis awaiting the proper consents.


The very elixir of life is pushed back into the mortal coil of your loved one. Any and all faulty parts are replaced with the next viable donor’s or their technologically superior counter parts.


Your loved one no longer recalls the trauma of death thanks to patented memory fade technology. Within 7 to 10 days your loved one is well and ready to resume life before the unnecessary incident of death.

Rescued. Revived. Released?

That is if you can pay the price.

The price. It’s not always clear how much you will be accepting in the initial agreement. There are contracts as long as thirty feet that still aren't completely closed. As most lawyers will tell you there is always an open clause in these arrangements. And despite what they might tell you, they don’t want you dead. You’re worth more alive than dead.

They’ll do anything to keep you alive.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars are piped into the funding of the containment chambers every day. There’s no way to free the contained. Although they aren’t dead, they are anything but living. Every medical unit has a fresh supply of organs ready for someone who can pay the price. And if you can’t pay the price… well the devil will still do business with you if you want to dance.

Sure enough the devil will do anything to get your soul.

People don’t know what’s important anymore. There’s importance in anything that someone else wants. Especially if it’s yours. That devil will tell you not to worry about your soul. Remind you that you don’t even need it. Maybe even call it a silly ol thing. Well here’s a thought to digest… If it wasn’t so important then why does the devil want it?

Twenty years back. Circumstances were nothing like this. Nothing like it at all. People still might give you their kidney if you needed it. And they could bring you back. But it cost.

My darling wife made the arrangements within a week of my death. Rescued and any if any Replacement before complete revival. She wanted me to experience as little of the trauma as possible. She managed to donate her kidney for my revival. Which was no more than a simple procedure. They handled it immediately as she wished. However, the complications came soon after she’d inked the contract. The contract was iron-clad and resolute. It guaranteed her life in the capacity she knew for another twenty years with a minor adjustment. Each year, every year they would require a small payment. Over the course of time they begin slowly dismantling my darling bride piece by piece. Hand then arm. Foot then leg. Eye before Ear. Lung after Rib. Bones and Marrow. This year is the last year and they’re coming for her heart. She’s says it’s just as well, cause it won’t beat the same for anyone else but me.

And as the doctors hand me the last papers to complete the final arrangements they tell me I’ll live another twenty years if not double. I’m wishing it were far less although I’ll never ask for it to end. It’s simply this, they’ll leave anything open in a contract. And the end of me really isn’t the end.

Most people don’t know how valuable their life is. Not me. I know exactly how valuable it is. Its cost was the most expensive thing: another life. My end is only the beginning for others. And I will continue for as long as it takes to give them truth. Twenty years or another twenty more to spread the wildfire of truth. There is always a value in a life. There is liberty in living. To see the absence in that would be a mistake. A mistake that would take the very thing they believe is insignificant.

Those that can’t see their value must come to believe they have a value. And must realize it before that freedom is taken away.

At any cost…

New. Awake. Oddly enough. Yes! Feels like I'm coming back from another country. Twelve hours ahead into Friday. Its like that "I've traveled around the world in two days" kind of feeling. You know? Extremely jet-lagged and never left the ground. Ready for landing? Ah the story... What's the price of your life? How much are you worth? I've been on these question well over a month. The value of living is more than most people ever contemplate. And in this case I think I'm going to let you make up your own minds. enjoy. kisses. m.

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