Monday, December 27, 2010

robot love?

Robot love. Where? Why? How? A few things that inspired this last one from AWAKE… 

Andy Warhol. A photo by an artist. A pop singer’s debut. Bjork. A friend. A friend of a friend. Blade runner. Battlestar Galactica. Fringe. Asimov. Etc. It wasn’t linear thinking when it came up. It was that quote by Warhol that people should be robots that sparked the idea and I ran with it. So…

Can a robot fall in love? Or would it be like an obsession? Illogical hardwired into their programming to logically make sense. The very idea of it running circles through their logic because they couldn’t get past that programming to feel empathy.

Spent some time with a few android/cyborg/robot specialists a few weekends back and had an interesting discussion. Lovely group of fellows. You gotta love those nerdy guys. Sweethearts! Anyway… These fellows informed me that androids/cyborgs are not robots and they are very much able to extend themselves outside of programming. To me this means there is the possibility of empathy in technology… AHA! They’re not all toasters. Or is it that they are but they are now toasters in love?

I’m inclined to believe that they can be programmed to love. The jury is out on whether they can indeed love. I think this is because I believe a machine might love you the same way it might kill you. And that extends to the same belief in humanity to have true empathy. A person can love you the same as kill you. In all honesty REAL people can hurt you the same as anything mechanical ever could. Except for one thing… Robots do not have a skewed perception. People do. And when people want to see the bad in everything then they will.  Nothing can be what it is because we’ve already judged it. But if a robot could truly extend itself outside of programming to love, to love completely, then its far surpassed its human counterparts. Because this is something that we have yet to completely master.

We see things the way we are, not the way they really are. It is human nature to create conflict when there is none. Anger, aggression, prejudice, etc. Any and all negative emotions are based out of fear. When we hate something we are afraid. That fear will eat you alive. Fear is the opposite of love. And love in dark times is better than a hole in the head made out of fear. Always love. Love each other. Love the strange and the familiar. Life is both too long and too short not to.

It’s not what you see it’s how you see it. Eyes open. Eyes closed. OPEN YOUR EYES. Kisses for those you love. m

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