Saturday, December 4, 2010

In the Backseat.

Another that will earn me an R-rating. Ever spend sometime in the backseat? Anyway... It’s something a little different. There’s no warning other than the R-rating. It’s definitely a little naughty without the language… and without the darkness. Trying something a little different. Letting you make up your own minds. Enjoy. kisses. m.

In the Backseat.

In the Backseat. A place I’ve been before. A place I like to be. To be with him. The silence widens between us as the red traffic lights change another time. Three times the charm parked beneath this broken streetlight next to some bushes. Although it’s not entirely dark we’re all alone. And there’s no need to talk in this moment.

The sound of his breathing deepens as his hands slide across the seat towards me. I want to ask him what he wants but I don’t. Instead I reach out to touch his hand and guide it gently along my thigh. Taking over he moves along the inside of my leg. The warmth of his hand on my bare skin is completely intoxicating as it sends shivers up my spine.  

And I can see his eyes in the dark. Their reassuring stare matches his touch in the dark. They aren’t telling me what they want. It’s so much more than that as he follows the lead of my hands. My hands that continue to reach out and touch his. I take a hold of the free hand while letting the other continue to wander between my thighs. I lift his fingers to my face and let my lips start to kiss his knuckles. Closing my eyes, I nurse at the tips of his fingers.  Savoring the taste of each finger. Up and down and in between. Tasting the scent of him from his hands when I realize that I can not stop myself.  I want more. I want to tell him give me more. But I don’t. And I keep going.

Going down my hands reach into the depths. It’s more than helping him now that they found their place between his legs. He closes his eyes with every caress of my hand. I lean in and kiss his eyelids as he continues to grow with the rhythm. Pressing in further I run my lips across his forehead. Breathing and tasting him with every movement. My gentle kisses become quick. There’s no words only breathes as he climbs towards the frenzy. Kissing his mouth I want him to taste me when it comes.  

And it comes. The force of his love pushes me into a new position. Upward I find myself looking down on a madman that has me spread wide open. Roughly he pushes me back until I hit hard. I can feel the top of my head hit the roof of the car. With him over the edge I can feel his hand working overtime inside me. It hurts a little but not as much as if he were to stop. I kiss the top of his head and run my free hand through his thick dark hair to encourage. More. I want more.

I lift my hand to his face and move the other down below to match his efforts. With my head bent forward against him I lean back against the cool glass of the window. I can feel the wetness of the steam on the bare skin of my legs. He looks up into my eyes before putting his face back into work. I lean into his hair and sniff. Taking in his scent, I press my lips against the side of his neck. Hot warm breath hits his neck as he continues to kiss me. My warm tongue slides around his neck, until finding the beat of his heart. Gently I nurse at his pulse as he rocks against me. Pressing further back. My breath whispering in his ear as he continues.

I like this place we’re in. Everything is in its right place. Him between my legs. Me reaching down between to help him out. Fingers interlaced. His tangled with mine. Twisted together as they work in unison. Hands gripping me. Wrapped tightly around my leg as he dives in deeper. Drinking me whole. Savoring the taste. The wine of passion. Love. Death. Winding. Spinning. Across from the red traffic signal. Next to the bushes. Beneath the broken streetlight. In the backseat.

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