Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Happiness - Goldfrapp

Happiness. It's the holidays and for some reason the world seems like it needs a bit more happy than usual. Can't imagine what would be on their minds. Kidding of course with kid's gloves. Needless to say I've asked many people about their level of happy in recent weeks and was completely attacked in nearly every inquiry. Well, it wasn't about me, so I didn't take it to heart. KISSES! But for some odd reason those angry replies got me thinking that perhaps the world isn't ready to share how happy it is. And it seems odd when people are so connected that there is such a distance between. With all that there's still the music to make it better...

Something about this video always screams "Stevie Nicks" to me. You could ask... but it's one of those things that may never have an answer. As I live and breathe there shall be that mystery of this video. Goldfrapp is amazing. And some things often make me bounce like I'm weightless without air. Anything make you bounce without air? Probably worth it. Anyway, recently talked someone into this lovely lady's entire collection. Thinking about the music of 2010 the last few weeks. Was an amazing year for sounds, was it not? And the of course the ladies of sound. Anyway digressed but I would absolutely love it if everyone appreciated Goldfrapp with the same enthusiasm. The new album is 'to die for' with its synth sound that pays tribute to early 80s divas if you missed. Granted this is an older track, yet it maintains the same allure of a talented singer. 

Lovely video. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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