Friday, December 31, 2010

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

Seasons of Love - Rent

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure a year?

“There are things in this life that make it all worth doing. Finding those things is almost as rewarding as doing them. I think the best parts of life are finding out what it’s inside of you; that potential to be greater than what you were. Discovering something more… well no one expects that.” – m. 12/31/2009

Do you measure life in time or by experience?  There is a little bit of both involved. You can not cheat time the same as death. It continues to be while you move through it. It’s hard to believe it has been a year since I last sat down to do this. This year has been amazing and challenging for everyone. Very low-key in some ways and very intense in other ways.  There’s been so much that’s come to pass and so very little movement.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

It is all about attitude! Life is what you make it. And there’s two more Winston quotes this year. Can you believe it’s been a year? 

How was it for you? For me, 2010 marked the year I was given the opportunity to write, create and LIVE. I’m eternally grateful to have had this opportunity and for the people in my life who supported that choice. As very few people get to spend time doing what they love everyday. It wasn’t anything that I’d ever thought would become more and somehow its begun to open more doors.

At some point around March between numerous job interviews, frustrated I still wasn’t working I decided to become a more than part time writer. It made sense because I was getting paid and so were the bills. It hit me that I had plenty of time to write, work on design projects and live. I mean really live. To enjoy everyone and experience unlike ever before. There wasn’t a lot of money involved in it. But I think it was the best use of time rather than wasting it. Although going back to work has made me realize that I love to balance the knives and now I’m ready to juggle them as well.

It amazes me how little I knew of the world until I chose to step back and look upon in it in wonder. Honest wonder. Eyes wide open. It’s not what you see it’s how you see it. And how you see the world is very important. This is the one thing that has made the biggest difference to me and all I needed was a little reminding.

     This is my Heart - Since October.


The year in writing. This is how I measured the year. Where to start? Well, I’m not counting the pieces. Not tonight at least. There are more than 200 pieces. Maybe 300? Or 400? And then there are the book(s) and the script(s). There’s been a lot this year. And could not have asked for a better year. I wrote almost everyday. Except on vacation. Laugh if you must… the unemployed do take a holiday. Why not? If it’s good enough for death…

It’s been a crazy ride. I went into it without a plan… but there were lists. Oh how there were lists. And marathons. February. Nuts. You almost wanted to kill me. The summer. Did you catch that one? I briefly marathoned between June and July I think dropping the most new material I had all year during that period. There is a marathon coming…

The series’

Untitled Perspectives. These are excerpts from the novel. They are very close to me as I enjoyed getting lost in the process. I can understand why actors/actresses love their jobs now. Thank you for letting me test run them. It will be published in 2011. Not saying a lot right now. I’m currently fiddling with the rejected perspectives right now and editing the final pieces together.

Awake. A by-product of research for the script I’d been commissioned to produce. By commission I mean a favor. And zero pay. The idea behind the series was developing awareness in a sleeping world.

Letters. Tied to Awake. Both are the same world. In order to create the script I told the person I would need to live in that world. And as a result there are residual characterizations.

300s. There are about 100 right now. I wasn’t shooting for 300 but there’s been talk of publishing these things in a compilation. I don’t know? Would you like to see that?

400s. Rejected 300s? Something of that sort. Just kidding.

The pieces built around music and movies. Love the music. ALWAYS! There’s something amazingly tangible about pop culture. I often see other  artists build from it all the time and I think I wanted to find my own way to do that. 

And the Full Intention continues on... It's pushing ahead when I know the end but how to get there is unknown.

The stories.

These are a handful of my favorites…

Connected. This was the first post from AWAKE. Although not the first. It was about being disconnected and aware of the world for the first time.

Drugs in my body. – Inspired by music. The first of its kind and made me laugh when I was writing it.  It’s funny but you can tell what’s old and new by the style of writing.

Reveal. My inner muse. emma. love, hate, and then there’s you. Oh Freud go ahead have a field day.

Taste. The first time for darkness in a new style.

Trying. A bit of fun inspired by a movie.

The untitled perspectives. Leaving out by far my favorite work of the year. 

There’s so much more but I’ll leave that for you to decide. Which were your favorites?

The top 5 for the year in ranking:

Mirrors. From the perspectives.

Between my legs. A whole lotta of naughty from 2009.

Swallow. Another from the perpectives.

Alone Time. Perspectives. 3rd entry from the perspectives.

Tears In the Rain. Perspectives. Number 4th on the list. These rounded out the year and it makes sense.

     Smooches. m. - San Francisco. 2007

Kisses !  

The one thing I can’t imagine thinking of the year without thinking of the people in it.

Family and friends. The first thing I'd like to say is thank you to everyone that has been there with me, especially my family. Love you and thank you all for allowing me to take a step back and pursue this writing thing. I couldn’t have produced even half of this without your support. And my friends, you all know who you are. It could not be created without any of you and the inspiration of life.

A few extra thanks…

To anyone that reads. There are truly no words to thank you all enough. Please continue to read. There is fiction on the web and it is alive and growing every day! To the unpublished writers and storytellers… keep writing and telling your story! Every story is worth sharing. The REAL, the MAKE-BELIEVE and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! There are people just like you doing the same thing in their own very different way. To the artists and photographers. KEEP DRAWING! KEEP TAKING PICTURES! You do not need fancy paints, pencils, an expensive camera or Photoshop. They help but… Trust in what you are doing. To my fellow designers and idealists never lose that inspiration. It’s so very important in a world that chooses not to believe in magic.

My extended musical family… a year without you and I miss you guys so much. Love you all. Please continue to be well and send me updates. And remember I’ll always say yes to a show. Oh yeah, when’s dinner? Ha.

To my friend who shared with me the secret of truly enjoying my down time… thank you for showing me how to relax. I mean truly relax. If it wasn’t for you I doubt I would have wondered at the world in amazement. Thank you for sharing so much with me and being my friend in spite of what had been before. Miss you so very much. Take care of yourself.

To the friend who rarely sees things eye to eye with me and on occasion has had to metaphorically hold my hands down and slap me in the face… Have you ever thought we aren’t supposed to see eye to eye on everything? It’s not a fight but sometimes it’s refreshing that you see white when I see green. Your words have power by their actions. The world needs more of that change. Please continue. And I know I’m not supposed to miss you. Yet I do. Thank you. (For the slaps too. I needed to wake up.)

To my dearest oldest friend. Thank you for your generosity and continued open mind all these years. San Diego = Amazing. I doubt I would have vacationed on my own. Comic-con was savage. Its chaos was better than anything I could have dreamt up. A delight meeting new friends and friends of friends. Please don’t loose hope in your dream. I believe in you. And there’s room for both day jobs and dreams. Please believe that. Keep being amazing to everyone and another voice that urges them to behave outside of their own comfort zone. And with much love I thank you… for the music, the madness, and the moments still all these years later.

To my favorite Zen master. My little sis, I love you and thank you for undeniably shoving me face first into the things that scared me the most. Everyone needs a little adrenaline to get them moving again. Fighting? You’ve never been wrong about that advice. It was time, when it was time. You are beautiful and amazing. Please you hold onto your dreams as well. You are inspiring as always. I see big things in your future. Follow your instincts. Love you sis. Kisses.

What’s to come??

2011. New projects. New people. New experiences. New Adventures.  Next year can be bigger than 2010.

What do you say about blowing the back door out of this one before it gets to the end? With a nice pair of heels and rock n’ roll hair? To each their own. In style of course. And actually I'll be spending it much like my year... Low key quiet with a small group of friends and living in the moment.

Kisses everyone. Lots of love. Keep being yourselves! Cheers to the future! Enjoy and have a safe and Happy New Year! –m.

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