Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Under Pressure.

Under Pressure.

Look at them go. Pushing and shoving against each other, day after day. I haven’t seen this much nonsense in a long time. They say that if there’s enough pressure it can crush a man alive. Ever hear that? By sights of you I’m gathering that carrying the weight of the world is getting mighty heavy today. May be none of my business… but how are things going for you? I see, things aren’t going you’re way then. That’s the thing with the world all that chaos running around and pushing out like steam in a tea kettle. Just like that teapot whistles when the pressure gets too high, I bet you want to scream. Don’t you? That’s alright you don’t have to say a thing. The look of panic is wearing all over your face. Not to worry panic comes for us all time and again. For very different reasons that feeling might sneak up on a person.  It’s just how you handle these things that sneak up from behind and hit you upside the head without warn. You know what I say when it all comes down to the wire? Actually I wasn’t going to give you any pointers on how to let it all go. Letting it go. That won’t do a bit of good. What I will tell you, well that’s pretty simple… SCREAM! Get it all out. Push out that sound with every tiny fiber of strength you have. Get it out. Let your voice go weak and the pressure subsides. It may not solve the problem but sometimes you have to scream. It helps to relieve the tension. Release it all until there’s nothing left. So what do you think? You ready to let it all go? Go’on now, let them hear you… SCREAM!

300. Under Pressure. Weight of the world getting heavy? SCREAM! No one expects you to carry it all inside. In essence learn to breath under water. Aside from that… keep going. Eye on the prize. There may be a great way instead of a good way that you have not seen just yet. You are not a loser if it isn’t working. Winners are people who never lose sight of what they want. You want to do something. Then do it. There is no other option. It is do or do not. enjoy. kisses. m.

Song of the day: Under Pressure – Queen f/ David Bowie.

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