Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Business of Time.

The Business of Time.

“Do you ever think about time? That’s the business of time… To keep going. Tick. Tick. Tick.”

The Business of time. Keeps going. Much like the business of life. Seems a bit ironic, as everyone is shifting their clocks backwards that time should be the reason that motivates us all forward. How can you get more when you take it away? It’s an investment to compensate for losing time later. Ah, but wouldn’t you rather face the loss now? The easy way to think of it is buying something on credit as time is a constant form of currency. And don’t’ people love credit cards! You gain something now, but it owns you until it’s repaid. In the same regard, your word is your time.  And that word is less and less valid when you break it or waste it. Arriving late when committing to an earlier moment. There’s only so much time you are given based on the choices you make day to day. Careful of how we spend our money but irresponsible with our words, commitments and time.  In the end will you have wasted your time like its money?

A day. An hour. A second. How do you measure time? It is infinite. It will continue long past your death and beyond the scope of what is known. And life is but a moment in time. It is moving from moment to moment. Later is now another moment.  And instead of telling you in another life, I will tell you now…

It has been nearly all Work. Work. Work. Although she’s anything but a dull girl! Color me with the chaos of life. Been a challenge to keep writing at any cost. Absolutely loving the juggle though. And as of late, my circadian rhythm has once again shifted with the withdrawal of caffeine. Jetlag anyone? Needless to say, it’s a bit more extreme than usual. But it all seems to work out in the end. 

If you’re wondering, Circadian Rhythm is the regular 24-hour cycle in which biological life moves. Every biological thing has an internal rhythm, time that is built right into you, essentially sewn into your bones. Internally it’s like a clock that regulates the timing in which people live, sleep, eat, etc. Mine tends to be irregular. It’s a bit like living in different time zones rather than a true sleeplessness. It’s not so unusual. Personally I’ve heard of and met many others with different routines of managing their time. All are quite fascinating with their own uniquely wonderful way of regenerating. Some are insomniacs. Some oversleep. Some prefer naps. And some do find it a bit inconvenient. Often it is more manageable to accept it and go with the flow of variation. As sometimes fighting makes it worse.

You can fight what you say keeps you down or embrace it. No matter how ridiculous it sounds… if only for the moment. Because life is filled with such moments. They are but passing instances all meant to be experienced and enjoyed. Hurried people are quite rude at times. Too busy looking ahead rather than living in the moment. That time you focus on in the future will come whether you want it to or not. It will be based on the choices you’ve made every day until you get there. Whether you are alive to experience it or not, it will come. Keep moving and find a way to take it all in along the way. Make the choices, experience the effects of them and make the plans for the unknown.  Time is precious no matter how it is measured in seconds, hours, or minutes. Careful of how you spend yours. Anyhow, enjoy the moments, you never know how long they last. kisses. m. 

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