Thursday, October 7, 2010

Passing through.

Passing through.

Car broke down, eh? Want a lift? Get in. If you’re not too picky there’s a truck stop up a ways. I can drop you there on my way. Oh, I’m not going too far. My place is up the road a bit further than that. So where you headed? Just passing through to the main road. That’s an odd way to come by things. I guess there’s nothing like scenery. It’s just… well these parts are uncommon to outsiders. Oh not to worry. It’s not that anything bad ever happens round here, it’s just that since the money went out of the area and through the main stretch of highway not much sense in people stopping. See there’s the old diner right there. Ellie’s. Been out of business six months now. Old Ellie and Frank Bass used to run it. Yeah it was her namesake. Frank was a bit of a romantic in those days when they opened the place. Served the best apple pie you’d ever tasted in your life. People would come all around for that pie. That’s a shame cause you’ll never taste it. And there’s Manhattan gas. Closed since last year. The fellow that ran the place fell out of touch after it shut down. Such a shame. There used to be a soda fountain in the front that served the coldest pop you could find in these parts. On a hot day there would be a crowd hanging out. Funny thing is you would have had something to eat and that car fixed right up by now if they were still open. Something about those old places closing makes me a little nostalgic. Ah you wouldn’t know about that would you? Alright, here’s your stop. Nice to have the company. Don’t forget us now.

300. Ever been through a stretch that’s not quite a ghost town, but there’s little left to it. There’s a lot of places like that here in California. In many parts the economy dwindling has not been too kind. Actually just heard about some real ghost towns and.... Another story in itself. Have a good night. enjoy. kisses. m.

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