Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kiss the blood off of my hands.

Kiss the blood off of my hands.

Kiss the blood off of my hands. We’ll dance upon the flesh of the dead. Dine beneath the haze of moonlight. In the shimmer of candlelight our banquet among the blood can begin. Dance on the backs of the broken. Crush the bones of the fallen. Come darling, we can spend the night ruining dreams and killing hope.

That dark gentle night is still young and full of ambition. Death is prematurely upon us, yet our night has hardly begun. Another rest stop has prompted a handful of killings. She tried to tell me, “Red, don’t stop. Not here. Keep going.” Almost like a warning or a foresight of the bloodshed to come. I never listen. Stupid fool. Not to the little things. Just keep going like I know it all. Should have heeded her warning. But at the same time, I’m glad I didn’t. Tonight is already looking pretty special.

Ten county killing spree and we’re nowhere near stopping. Not anytime soon. She’s my Bonnie and I’m her Clyde. We’re a modern day duo ransacking and pillaging along an undetermined path that snakes throughout the Midwest. Killing anyone who gets in our way. I love my girl and it’s a testament to our commitment every time I cut some bastard’s neck. Likewise, I know just how much she cares each and every time her gun puts a bullet in someone’s head. Bloodiest pair of villains you ever did see; My Jackie and me. Newspapers telling the good people of the area to lock up tight and don’t answer doors to strangers. Locks and doors don’t stop death and it certainly won’t stop us.

Shop clerk tried to play hero with his shotgun. Must have caught a glimpse of me in the mirror and there’s a handy reward out there that will make anyone just brave enough. But I’m quicker on the draw than the blink of an eye. He was down on the ground with a single shot that landed square between his eyes. My little girl didn’t take kindly to being left out of the action. Within seconds of the gun discharge, she storms in, grabs the nearest bystander and starts cutting away with a butcher knife. Baby, don’t you know how I love it when you get crazy with that knife! Blazing onward I start gunning down the idiots running toward the back. One in the head and the other in the heart. Before I’m even cool again, Jackie has already taken out the last one standing. Bulls-eye with that knife. She caught him in the neck. Squirming to get the blade out, the fool can’t seem to understand he’s already dead. Blood runs out of his neck like a fountain, coating his clothing and pooling on the ground. Hands keep grasping frantically at the wound, trying to stop the flow. Too late friend. Time’s up. Kiss my girl as his body hits the floor.

First present I gave my Jackie was an old man’s eyes. She loved it. Almost more than the money and his old lady’s string of pearls. The sounds of sheer delight and satisfaction were unmistakable. The look of complete joy crossed her face. It would be some time before she returned my gesture, but it was worth the wait. The most beautiful display of death I’d ever seen in my life. I hadn’t realized just how talented she really was until then. Lover’s gutted and arms locked in an embrace for eternity without their heads. Hands nailed together and run through with long-stem red roses to accentuate the blood covering the unholy union. The posed lover’s lain to rest across a gentle blanket of white snow. Against the colors of dusk the moment was truly extraordinary. At that moment, beneath the dark starlit sky, standing upon the white canvas of snow, I swore to die by her side. The pleasure, the privilege would be all mine.

Out in the dark night once again, we head off into the unknown. Jackie covered in the scarlet pride of battle. That red violence sets off the highlights in her blonde hair. Quiet breaths escape that delicate mouth as she lights a cigarette. Heavenly. I could just stay in this moment for the rest of my life. What more could a man ask for? Money. Love. Death. Climbing back into the car, she’s behind the wheel and decided that our night’s just getting started. I’m game. Anytime she’s in, so am I. There’s another town about 50 miles away. Time to shake things up and I’m feeling mighty romantic tonight. Baby, kiss the blood off my hands and we’ll go dancing once more.

Ever get blood on your hands? Ever spill a little blood to get something accomplished? Now and again it's absolutely necessary to dig in and get things done. Ease comes with practice, mastery and perseverance. The hill is hardest to climb right before you reach the top. A little blood never hurt anyone. And anyone willing to spill a little to get things done always has my support. Anyhow, this is from last year. A little murder. New to come. Fell off the balance beam myself for a couple days and still recouping from the unexpected unknown. Enjoy if you've never seen this one. and a little luck for everyone's night/day. 

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