Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Daddy.

Hello Daddy.

Hello Daddy. Why am I still up? I’m upset, Daddy. And I really don’t think you should try to get up. Don’t bother. I already took care of the restraints. Nice and tight knots. Just like the ones we learned in Girl Scouts last week. Oh yes, I’m very upset. And you know how I get when I’m upset. You didn’t bring me something home today. And you weren’t very nice to Mommy. She spent a lot of time making dinner. Then you go and tell her how awful it tastes. That wasn’t very nice. How do you feel? You aren’t comfortable. I think that means your medicine is almost gone. Why Daddy that’s not a pretty face. You should change it. Let me help. I can show you with this nice kitchen knife so please Daddy… CHANGE IT NOW! There you go happy. I like it when you’re happy. Why can’t you be happy all the time? And then you will be happy with Mommy. Mommy likes it when you’re happy. Daddy, shush. I am speaking to you. NO. I can not untie you. I’m not finished yet. I think you need to be a little nicer to Mommy tomorrow. She does try so terribly hard. And Daddy, I understand how busy you can be, but you have to remember how important it is that you bring me something home everyday. Daddy let me level with you. You can bring me my Sally-Mae Baking Set from the store tomorrow… or I can cut open your throat and watch you bleed. Ok, you will. You promise? See, I knew you would see things my way but I think you should stay here tonight and think about how you can be a better Daddy from now on. Love you Daddy. Night-night.

300. Spoiled. A little or completely rotten? An idea of a murderous child came to me a little over a year ago and oddly enough it lives in notes. That particular one is coming. This on the other hand has lived on my desktop for a few weeks. Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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