Sunday, October 17, 2010



Hey. How are you? Great. You must be from the agency. We need to get moving I’m late. I can give you instructions on… Oh, I’m sorry. They said you’ve been waiting outside of rehearsal for an hour and long story short, I thought you were my new assistant. Well then who are you? HAHAHA! Wow! You want an autograph. So you‘re a fan? Interesting. It’s not a problem. Totally. Let’s keep walking though. I wasn’t kidding back there, I am late. Tell me do you find yourself waiting outside of stranger’s houses very often? No. Or sleeping in your car in the hope of catching a glimpse of them? No. Good and I’m kidding with you. But I do have experience with people waiting outside of places for me. Yeah actually people do. For a long time there was one guy that kept hiding his car in the alley behind my house. It was unbelievable. He had this camera with a telephoto lens and the flash was reflecting in the mirror in my bedroom at all hours of the night. Call the police? Nah, I bought some blackout curtains and moved my bed to the other wall. What do you want signed? Let me see. This is a really old photo! Do you want me to make this out in a specific way? You’ve been very patient to keep up with me like this. Would you like to ask a question?  Come on. Don’t’ be shy. Here’s your chance. Most people would love to be in your shoes. Come on, really. It’s a great idea. Look, I don’t generally have the chance to take a moment out to walk with fan and have a conversation. Talk with me and I’ll make this the best autograph I’ve ever signed.

300. Fan or Fanatic? Obsessed or Just Impolite? Had an interesting and surreal experience the other day. Met a new person who has read my work. Not a fan. A friend of family. This person who liked what they read and shared it with others. Love when people read and enjoy. Wanted to say thank you again because it’s always nice to hear someone enjoys it. And for those who want one of those coveted autographs from someone famous… don’t stalk them. If you see them… just ask. Most nice people will do it if asked. Anyhow, enjoy! kisses. m. 

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