Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here it comes.

Here it comes.

Here I am lying on the bed watching him as I roll over he smiles and teases me with a mini strip tease before heading into the bathroom to get cleaned up. I always enjoy the tease and he knows that. While the door stays open he tells me “I’m taking a long hot shower” before telling me that he’s gonna come take care of me with a long hot piece of him when he’s done and how sorry he is to keep me waiting.  Sorry. I keep thinking about the fifty dollars I lent him for gas. And how he hasn’t been able to keep a steady job since we’ve met. I was just looking for someone to pass a little time with and now it’s been two months of excuses. Those lies about nothing that I’m just tired of. I’m so tired of this man. But that doesn’t matter because all I wanted was a piece of him. And you don’t need to be in love for that. I needed that. I deserve a little piece. He’s out of the shower playing with his towel and telling me just another minute until I won’t know what hit me. He tells me “here I come” before quickly shutting the door. Get ready. Over. Up. On. Keeps talking how he’s waited all week to give this to me. And then he’s already in a hurry. The race is on. I think where is the long hot anything? And wonder when it’s coming as he pushes faster. Before I can say “can we slow…” between his “grrs” and grunts of speeded passion I get a “baby I’m almost.” Then I think “WHAT!” A few more grunts and groans as he’s pushing to finish. We have a winner. I’m tired. Get off.

300. Whoo! An older one. Ever have someone promise you something and not deliver? Words and actions shouldn’t ever be so far apart.  A little off point but that’s the idea behind it. And a little fun with dirty once again. I’m thinking of my girls out there on this one. Ah… Ladies I’m not exploring this thought further… right now. Fellas, I know the good ones from the bad ones… they never talk. Enjoy! kisses. m.

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